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SET establishes closer relations with the São Paulo Undersecretary of State for Entrepreneurship

Diretor executivo da SET, José Munhoz, subsecretário Roberto Sekiya e o diretor de marketing e vice-presidente eleito da SET, Claudio Younis.

SET Executive Director, José Munhoz, undersecretary Roberto Sekiya and marketing director and vice president-elect of SET, Claudio Younis.

SET and the Undersecretary for Entrepreneurship and Micro and Small Businesses – an entity linked to the São Paulo State Department for Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (SDECIT) – have joined forces to take the first steps in an alliance whose aim is closer relations in the field of innovations and the promotion of events and actions to foster startups and technological innovation.

Initial contact took place in August, on the part of the state agency, which approached SET to congratulate it for the SETup Challenge initiative, clearing the way for talks.

On September 22, the executive director of SET, José Munhoz, and marketing director and vice president-elect, Claudio Younis, met with undersecretary Roberto Sekiya to define the next steps in the agreement.

As the basis for the partnership, and in order to draw up the action points, SET will map and submit 20 challenges in technological innovation that can form the basis for future public policies for fostering new companies in São Paulo.

SET recognizes the valuable role of the Undersecretary for Entrepreneurship and Micro and Small Businesses in the State of São Paulo and is proud to assert that there is synergy between what the entity is proposing and what SET has been engaged in, which all points to good opportunities still to come.