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Before becoming an associate member read this text carefully. It describes the benefits and advantages for associates, the annual fee and other information. Also check out the ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION of  SET , which give a detailed explanation of each associate’s duties and rights.

Table of membership contributions


2020 Annual Fee




Please note: It is necessary to send the enrollment document to effectively become an associate.  (you can sent it after you become an associate)
Click here to access the form for sending the document

Technical Course or Undergraduate Students

R$ 68.25  


Graduate Students, and holders of Masters and Doctorate degrees (Strictum Sensum)




2020 Annual Fee: See the different types of businesses.


Why become an associate?

The Brazilian Society of Television Engineering (SET) is a Brazilian not-for-profit association for professionals and businesses engaged tecnology and business for the media and entertainment markets.
SET is the main source of information and the leading discussion forum on standards and trends for the creation, management and distribution of electronic content in Brazil.
SET was founded on March 25, 1988. Since then, it has been acknowledged as the principal driver in developing Brazilian media technology and business.
According to its Articles of Association:

“The Brazilian Society of Television Engineering (SET), founded on March 25, 1988, is a not-for-profit technical-scientific association of engineering, technology, operations, research professionals, educational institutions and companies, that aims the dissemination of technical, operational and scientific knowledge and the improvement of the technologies of electronic audio and video media. (Statute, Article 3).”

About SET

What are the benefits of being an associate?

Who can become an associate?

  • Engineers
  • Technical Personnel
  • Researchers
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Producers
  • Businessmen
  • Entities that identify with the aims and objects of SET

How are the SET Associates divided?

Under the Articles of Association of SET, associate members comprise one of the following categories:
  • Individuals working in technical fields mentioned in the Association’s aims and objects;
  • Legal entities whose business is directly linked to the Association’s aims and objects;
  • University (3rd level) or technical (2nd level) students enrolled in courses whose content is directly linked to the Association’s aims and objects;
  • Associated companies;
  • Partner entities;
  • Honorary associates: outstanding individuals in Television Engineering, Radio, Telecommunications and the Internet, on the merit of the services provided or the positions adopted.

How can I join?

Fill out the registration sheet on the site www.set.org.br. To do so, chose one of the categories mentioned in the previous item.

By filling out and sending the registration form, the associate agrees to pay the annual fees as provided for in the articles of association.   

The form will be evaluated by the Executive Board. Once approved, the new associate must produce the following documents:

    • Legal entities: bylaws, minutes of the election of the executive board (in the case of corporations), articles of association (in the case of associations), instruments of powers of attorney (if representation is through an attorney-in-fact), ID card (RG) and Personal Tax Card (CPF) of the legal representative;
    • Individuals: ID Card (RG) and Personal Tax Card (CPF).

Candidates should also:

  • Agree with these articles of association and, while working at or outside SET, express the principles they enshrine;
  • Be of good moral standing and have an untarnished reputation;
  • As a contributing associate, accept the commitment to pay their annual associate’s contributions.

How do I find out about SET events?

SET produces a huge amount of information that is publishes on the site www.set.org.br. Associates can also subscribe to receive the weekly newsletter, SET NEWS, and follow SET on the social networks:

I am an associate. Can I forward an article for publication in the SET magazine?

All associates are encouraged to contribute articles to the SET Magazine.

How do I submit an article?

Articles can be sent at any time to the e-mail [email protected].

SET reserves the right to publish, or not, any articles sent, which will have to be approved by the Editorial Board, according to SET technical criteria.

Technical articles sent to the SET Magazine are not exclusive, and the author agrees to assign the publishing rights to the SET Magazine, free of any onus.

SET reserves the right to review technical issues, grammar and style, in accordance with the publishing requirements of the SET Magazine.