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The Brazilian Society of Television Engineering (SET), founded on March 25, 1988, is a not-for-profit technical-scientific association of engineering, technology, operations, research professionals, educational institutions and companies, that aims the dissemination of technical, operational and scientific knowledge and the improvement of the technologies of electronic audio and video media. (Statute, Article 3).

One of its key achievements was to head up the team that developed the Brazilian Digital TV System (SBTVD). Many countries in Latin America and Africa have adopted this system as the best solution in digital TV.


The primary objectives of SET are:

  • To be a driver of technological innovation;
  • To provide opportunities for professional development;
  • To foster working and study groups on the trends and challenges in the market;
  • To further scientific and academic knowledge;
  • To support the key market players in producing regulations and standards;
  • To further the development of the Brazilian electronic media market;
  • To strengthen partnerships and promote opportunities with local and international associations;


Primary activities of SET:

Every year, SET organizes a series of business-oriented educational and informative activities. The highlights are:

SET Webinars

SET Webinars
The most important debates on technology and business for media and entertainment promoted by SET Working Groups.


SET Breakfast Webinars Series
The best series of webinars on trends in technology and business for media and entertainment in 8 mindblowing episodes. Technology driving business.


SET Sponsored Webinars
Sony presents the latest HDR trends with those who best understand the subject.


SET Tech Webinars
Discover the most innovative technologies presented by the most important global suppliers and specialists in the media and entertainment sector in 18 sensational meetings.

SET Business Webinars
The most important series of webinars on technology, consumer habits and covid-19 in five unmissable episodes.


SET EXPO –  Trade Show and Conference

SET EXPO is the largest media and entertainment technology and business event in Latin America. Its main purposes are to present and discuss technical innovations, business trends, regulations and new products in the media and entertainment market, covering the entire production chain from creation to delivery. Find out more about SET EXPO at setexpo.com.br 

SET Regional Seminars 

Every year, SET organizes five regional seminars. The events are free of charge and consist of two days of talks, as well as product demonstration areas. They are excellent opportunities for networking and refresher courses for professionals from every region of Brazil.

SET Breakfast @ NAB Show

An international seminar by SET that takes place at the NAB Show, in Las Vegas (USA).  Approximately 300 Brazilian executives, as well as 20 international speakers, take part in the event.  In 2020, SET and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) celebrated the 29th anniversary of this partnership.

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SET has cooperation and partnership agreements with about 20 local entities operating on the electronic media and broadcasting market. They include:



The SET Research and Working Groups pursue the technical development of broadcasting and electronic medias in Brazil.

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How can I obtain information about SET?

SET produces a substantial quantity of information, available through a variety of publications:


It is the best source of information about SET and its activities. Available in Portuguese and English.


Distributed to 6,000 professionals, it is the best source of information about the media and entertainment market in Brazil.
SET associates receive the magazine for free. Portuguese only.



E-mails sent to a global mailing list, offering SET promotions, events and news.


Weekly newsletter with the key activities of SET, as well as news highlights from the world of media, business, technology and entertainment markets.


To receive it, register.


International Journal of Broadcast Engineering (SET IJBE)
A scientific magazine that aims to be the benchmark in publishing academic articles in the fields of engineering of telecommunications, broadcasting and technology of information.  Launched in 2018, the publication is available online, in English.


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