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SET Tech Webinars

SET Tech Webinars is a new series from SET, on technology and business for the media and entertainment industry. The program will focus on cutting-edge products and services that will be presented by several partner companies of the entity.


SET Tech Webinars will have six online and live meetings via the Zoom platform

Past Events

May events

June 23


2:00 p.m.

Carolina Duca Novaes

Carlos Octavio Queiroz, Head of Technology Architecture and Analytics, Globo

How advanced is your streaming ad monetization strategy? Generate better experiences, maximize yield, and increase transparency.

Jossi Fresco Benaim, Regional Head of Sales, Latin America, Verizon Media Platform

2:30 p.m.

Carolina Duca Novaes, Technology Manager, Globo Brasília

HSL, NDI, and SRT IP Stream Recording from remote sources and new broadcast transmission methods

Claudio Lisman, President, Primestream

June 18

Caio_SET 01

Chair: Caio Klein – Director, TVE-RS

2:00 p.m.

LAWO – The IP Radio and Workflow Experts: an overview of LAWO Radio Remote Solutions

Jochen Richter, Head of Sales, Radio, Lawo

2:30 p.m.

LiveU changes the rules of the game. Again.

Fábio Eitelberg, Director, 2Live Telecomunicações Digitais

June 9


Chair: Marcelo Souza, OTT Products Director, Globo

2:00 p.m.

Verizon Media Platform: OTT Innovation Showcase

Jossi Fresco Benaim, Regional Head of Sales, Latin America, Verizon Media Platform

2:30 p.m.

Challenges in the implementation of OTT systems

Jurandir Pitsch, Vice President Sales,  SES

June 5

Friday | 2:00 p.m. (Brasilia time)

The relevance and challenges for Pay TV during pandemics

At a time when social isolation measures have confined millions of people to their homes, subscriber TV is on the increase as an important source of information, education and entertainment for Brazilians. For more families to be able to access their varied schedules during the quarantine, subscriber TV operators and schedulers have temporarily freed up the signals for a range of channels. At the same time, the companies in the industry have had to deal with restrictions on circulation in various cities in order to guarantee signal distribution and network maintenance across Brazil.
It is this scenario of challenges and opportunities that that will be discussed by some of Brazil’s largest subscriber TV operators and schedulers. The agenda includes:
– The importance of subscriber TV as a vehicle for information and debates about the Covid-19 pandemic, with round-the-clock journalism channels.
– The relevance of subscriber TV as a means of child education and entertainment, assisting families during the school recess period.
– Record subscriber TV audiences with a greater number of people at home, especially news, children’s and entertainment channels.
– The technological challenges of subscriber TV operators to meet the high demand from subscribers during social isolation.
– The social role of subscriber TV operators and schedulers by freeing up signals to non-subscribers during the pandemic.

Chair: Oscar Simões de Oliveira, Executive President, ABTA

Luis Otavio Marchezetti, Broadcast Engineering VP, SKY

Alessandra Pontes, Distribution Vice President, Discovery Networks Brasil

Impacts on the operations and audience on the channels of Globo Pay TV

Roberto Primo, Director of the Content Distribution Hub, Globo

Rafael Duzzi Oliveira, Engineering & Technology Director, CNN  Brasil

Douglas Fagotti, Programming Director, CNN Brasil

Márcio Carvalho, Marketing Director, Claro

June 2

Tuesday | 2:00 pm (Brasilia time)

TV network operations at the present time: lessons learned, trends and opportunities

Television stations have always planned the evolution of systems and technology. In 2020, a new scenario has arisen and, like the world in general, television stations have also had to adjust to new work formats and routines. Projects and tools that could have taken months to set up have had to be sufficiently agile to be rolled out in days or hours. The new normal for television has begun to rely on limited human and technological resources. Professionals have had to adapt quickly to this new reality and to the tools allocated to them for undertaking daily operations. We are going to hear from the technical leaders of Brazil’s leading free-to-air TV networks about the process of adapting infrastructure, teams, and technology to this new normal.

Chair: Carlos Fini, SET President

Covid-19: the virus of transformation

Paulo Rabello,Technologies Director, Content Operations Hub, Globo Television 

Raimundo Lima, Deliberative Council Member, SET and Technology and Operations Director, SBT

José Marcelo Amaral, President of the Fórum SBTVD and Operations and Engineering Director, Record TV