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SET announces next steps in partnership with Expotec Peru

After the three-day event and a lot of work, SET has returned from its first experience at Expotec Peru with important steps for expanding SET EXPO in Latin America.

“The Peruvians showed a lot of interest in the material we took about SET EXPO. We left there with the expectation that, next year, more partners and broadcasters based in Peru will be present at our event”, says SET sales manager Paulo Galante in his analysis.

Galante represented SET and took part in the trade show and the congress comprising Expotec. The Trade Show, which had 30 exhibitors, and the Congress which hosted 1,200 professionals, were organized by the Coordinadoria de Medios Locales del Peru, the association representing 500 owners of VT and radio stations in Peru and whose objectives include technical qualifications for the country’s broadcasters. The Expotec public consists of owners and engineers from Peruvian radio and TV stations.

The congress included several panels during the event, including one chaired by the Peruvian Chamber of Radio and Television, which allocated one hour for broadcasters to have the opportunity to share the (legal and technical) difficulties they face in various regions of the country.

“The representatives of the Peruvian Chamber listened to the broadcasters’ reports and agreed to help in finding a solution. This gave us an opportunity to find out exactly what the main difficulties faced by that country’s radio and TV stations consist of. It was a very valuable experience”, Paulo Galante concludes.

Next steps

To expand the promotion of SET and SET EXPO in Latin America, SET will now propose an agreement with the Coordinadoria de Medios Locales del Peru for an exchange of experiences, content and the promotion of Expotec in Brazil and SET EXPO in Peru.

“Besides exchanging experiences between the associations, this action will enable us to continually promote SET EXPO to the professional staff of Peru’s TV and radio stations”, says Paulo Galante on his announcement.