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SET 29 years’ old: more international than ever before

On March 25, SET commemorates 29 years since its foundation. “These are 29 years of enhancements, studies and achievements that have led the association to be a benchmark within the broadcast, TV and radio engineering industry in Latin America”, remarks SET President, Liliana Nakonechnyj.

With the objective of becoming an entity for TV professionals, in 1988 SET began its work in Rio de Janeiro. The inauguration ceremony took place in the presence of the president of the SMPTE at that time, Carlos Kennedy, who came to Brazil exclusively for the event.

That same year, São Paulo hosted the first SET Technology Seminar, which nowadays is an integral part of the largest broadcast and new media event in Latin America, SET EXPO. The year 1989 saw the launch of the first SET Magazine (Revista da SET), whose highlights included an article about the PAL-M standard and another about how the SET logo was designed.

Thereafter, the association has expanded its presence both in Brazil and internationally.

In addition to the 26-year partnership with the NAB Show, the largest event in the category, this year SET was readmitted to the newly-structured IBC Council, a consultative body consisting of the members of the senior management in the fields of media, entertainment and technology.

SET also maintains cooperation and partnership agreements with around 20 Brazilian and 11 international entities operating in the electronic media and broadcasting market, namely SMPTE, in the USA; Caper, in Argentina; Expotec, in Peru; Amitra (Broadcast México), in Mexico; InterBEE, in Japan, Broadcast India Show and the associations AES, AIR-IAB, IABM and W3C Brazil.

ISDBT Standard

SET has played a key role in choosing the ISDB-T as the basis for the digital TV standard in Brazil over the last 11 years. The Brazilian Terrestrial Digital TV System (SBTVD) has become part of the ISDB-T transmission layer, advanced Japanese video compression technology, in addition to GINGA interactivity. The Brazilian standard has been adopted in several countries of Latin America and Africa.



SET has reasons to commemorate its greatest event, SET EXPO. Last year, in spite of the economic crisis, there were 150 exhibitors representing around 400 global brands, showcasing the latest developments in the industry. The expectation of business deals, reported by the exhibitors, exceeded US$ 40 million, a similar volume to last year in spite of a retraction of 10% in the net area of the trade show.

The demographics of the event can be accessed on this page.


Groups and New Developments

The new departures this year include the resumption of the Working Groups on Radio e Good Practices in Digital TV, and the creation of the Working Group on the Switch-off. When added to the Study Groups on IP and IBB and the Working Group on Accessibility, SET is positioning itself to accompany the key issues within the industry.

“With so many achievements, SET is facing the challenge of being an even more productive association, one with more benefits for its associates. We will work on these targets throughout 2017, and we are certain that there will further reasons to celebrate the 30 years of SET next year”, the president concludes.


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