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Updates: SET´s decisions under pandemic situation

SET informs that, given the quarantine measures of the Government of the State of São Paulo, ha extended its employees’ home office work period until April 22.

Read below the decisions taken in recent weeks

Following determinations by the health authorities of our country, SET has taken a series of measures to protect its employees and, at the same time, adapt to the unprecedented pandemic situation that afflicts all of us.

“Our sector is facing a difficult moment in which decisions need to be taken quickly in an uncertain scenario”, evaluates José Munhoz, executive director of SET. “Even so, the population continues to depend on TV and radio channels to have access to the most reliable information. This credibility is the result of the serious and committed work of our broadcasting and our audiovisual media industry”, he evaluates.

“Therefore, we understand that this moment should also offer opportunities for professionals in the sector to be together in other ways. And this is the role of SET”, he said. “We want to be a meeting place where the industry can meet and share knowledge, even from a distance. This is where our online seminars, such as SET Breakfast Webinar Series” come in. ”

So far, SET has taken a series of measures that may change according to the progress of the pandemic in our country and in the world. They are:


SET EXPO 2020: the event, which usually takes place in August, has been postponed and will now be held between the 7th and 10th of December. Call for Papers and Call for Speakers (for Congress) are open and the event’s production activities continue normally.

SET Breakfast Webinar Series: with the cancellation of the NAB Show, the traditional seminar that SET has held for 30 years in Las Vegas has been transformed into a series of webinars. The meetings have started on April 6 and free registration is open.

SET Regional Seminars: were canceled in the first semester. This decision may be revised in the second half of the year according to the evolution of this situation.

Home office and operations

SET staff who work at the entity’s headquarters in São Paulo are in  home office and working normally during business hours. The entity’s phones and other communication channels also function normally.

“This situation, in principle, runs until April 22, respecting the quarantine determined by the state and municipal health authorities,” explained Munhoz.