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SET Spectrum Group will focus on synergy with government bodies

The SET Working Group on the Spectrum has announced it will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, March 22, in São Paulo. Headed up by the Southern Region director, Ivan Miranda, the challenge this year is to strive for effectiveness and harmonization in the proposals to the government authorities about the spectrum. “Together with the Abert, Abratel, Anatel and the MCTIC, our objective is to pool our efforts so that things happen”, says the Coordinator.

The attributions of this working group encompass the analysis of standards, ordinances and regulations about the broadcasting spectrum in free-to-air TV. “The SET Spectrum Group has supported working groups attached to the Gired. It has also collaborated with the Ministry of Communications and Anatel to foster synergy and to enhance the flow of processes, legislation and destination of the spectrum”, Miranda explains.

During the first meeting of the year, members must define the immediate calendar. “Our agenda includes training sessions and support for the Anatel mosaic improvement process; to promote discussions about the spectrum range regarding the Auxiliary Service for Broadcasting and Related Areas(SARC) and the discussions about prioritizing secondary relay stations.


Spectrum Group Background

The SET Spectrum Group is an offshoot of what was the SET Channeling Group (which originated in 1995). This Group developed expertise and methodologies for allocating digital channels, surveyed and harmonized demands, pit forward optimizations for technical regulations, collaborated with ANATEL and the Ministry of Communications (predecessor to the MCTIC) for the introduction of Digital TV in Brazil and was spawned the current Spectrum Working Group.

To find out more about the Group, access página no site da SET.