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SET President sets out the challenges and priorities of her mandate

With just over a month in the presidency of SET, engineer Liliana Nakonechnyj has indicated the main challenges facing the highest position within the association. Liliana also talked about what the entity can expect during her mandate, stressing that the greatest challenge facing SET is “to continue expanding its vocabulary”. Below you can read the highlights of this interview:


Challenges facing SET

Studies undertaken in September 2016 confirm the recognition of the high institutional value and integrity of SET. But they also reveal that we need closer dialog with industry professionals and find new ways of contributing to enhancing it in technological terms.

“We want to continue moving forward with the domestic and international partnerships of SET, consolidating the many agreements that former president Olímpio Franco closed with various entities, both in Brazil and around the world, as well as increasing collaboration within Latin America”.

“SET will bring together new generational of professionals, experiences and professionals in order to remain relevant and useful in a rapidly transforming world. So, all those engaged in the sector can continue to take pride in dominating the technologies that provide Brazilians with what is best and most appropriate where electronic audiovisual content is concerned”


Priorities for the 2017 – 2018

“SET will continue supporting the digitalization of free-to-air TV in Brazil in the light of the current switch-off of the analog signal, the success of which depends on the technical preparedness of nationwide, clear and efficient technical standards and a digital channeling plan that includes migration. This is the work that is essentially being undertaken by our Spectrum Group”.

“The Accessibility, IBB and IP Groups will remain active and engaged in their work. But, in line with the need to expand the range, we are putting forward new issues of interest so as to put together additional discussion groups”.

“We are also fostering the first debates about the future generations of television that are already succeeding HDTV, the so-called UHDTV, and about the possibilities for distributing this to the Brazilian population, whether via broadcasting or other platforms. What makes me happiest is the fact that this forum already has the support of important entities representing the different sectors involved in digital audiovisual, such as ABERT, ABRATEL, ABINEE, ABTA, ELETROS and SBTVD Forum. And we hope that others will also join the debate”.


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SET Press Office and Communications Team