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SET 30 years: looking to the future, SET approves new statutes and new governance

The Executive Board and associates of SET approve the entity’s new statutes. Photo: Carla Dórea Bartz

At a historic Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on March 17, in São Paulo, the executive board and associates of SET gathered to approve the entity’s new statutes. The main change is in the governance structure, the first since it was founded on March 25, 1988.

“The aim is to render the company totally compatible with the new rules on compliance established by the Brazilian Corporate Governance Institute, in addition to making it more flexible”, SET president Liliana Nakonechnyj explains.

Henceforth, SET will have a Deliberative Council whose responsibilities will include defining the strategic direction, resolving technical, institutional and market issues, creating and extinguishing thematic committees and overseeing how the entity is managed.

The Deliberative Council will consist of 15 members, all of them associates and professionals with a background and experience in technology or technology strategies involving audio and video electronic media. The president of the Council will also be the president of SET.

The new structure will mean the extinction of the current divisional structure, which will henceforth be called Working Committees, which can be created in response to the entity’s requirements. The Committees, in turn, will consist of Working Groups.

“The current divisional structure is too rigid and difficult to adapt”, Liliana explains. “SET is now free to respond more quickly to the never-ending transformations in the market”, she says. The only division that remains is the executive board, responsible for managing the entity’s operations.

The president went on to say, “In August, during the 2018 SET EXPO, voting will take place to elect the first Deliberative Council of SET, which will thereafter decide on the strategic paths to be taken over the next two years, in a more convergent and fluid process much more capable of dealing with the striking transformation of audio and video media”.

Besides these changes, the Meeting approved maintaining the name of the entity as Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia de Televisão (Brazilian Society of Television Engineering). “Television in the widest sense of the word, not only the system for transmitting and receiving images we are familiar with”, she added. Thus, SET has now added to its business purpose all the technologies comprising the audiovisual chain:

SET is a non-profit technical and scientific association of professionals in engineering, technology, operations, research and similar activities, teaching institutions and companies dedicated to propagating technical, operational and scientific knowledge and to enhance the technologies of audio and video electronic media.

The new SET statutes also set out the new categories of associates and other councils comprising the entity’s governance, such as the Fiscal Council and the Council of Former Presidents. Internal rules and regulations will clarify and provide details of the items of the statutes.

The approval of the new statutes marks the beginning of the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of SET in 2018. “We want SET to continue to be the leading discussion forum on electronic media in Brazil, and this is the first step towards ensuring its future”, Liliana concluded.

By: Carla Dórea Bartz