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SET announces the holding of the seminar SET e Trinta 2020 as a series of webinars

SET announces the holding of the seminar SET e Trinta 2020 as a series of  webinars in April.

“With the announcement of the postponement of the NAB Show, SET, fulfilling its mission of disseminating knowledge, decided to hold SET e Trinta in another format in order to ensure the well-being of the community we serve” said Olímpio José Franco, general director of SET.

The decision was to adapt the panels of the SET e Trinta 2020 (former SET Breakfast @ NAB Show) programming in various webinars that will take place throughout the month of April.

Schedule grid adjustments, times and dates are still being defined and are due to be published next week.

Registration will reopen soon and will be free.

“We want to unite our friends, partners and the SET community and make a beautiful event online”, informed Olímpio.

Message from the President

Yesterday afternoon, SET President Carlos Fini released the following message that was published on the SET website. Now, it has been edited with this change:

Dear SET colleagues and partners,

This Wednesday afternoon, March 11, we received the information that the NAB Show 2020 will no longer take place in April.

Faced with the threat to the health of thousands of visitors and the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that we are experiencing a new coronavirus pandemic, SET congratulates the organization of the NAB Show for its courageous and responsible attitude at this time.

SET’s partnership with NAB is strong and long. For 30 years we held SET e Trinta (SET Breakfast @ NAB Show), our meeting point for Brazilian professionals in Las Vegas. This year would be no different. The event already had excellent content and the partnership of more than a dozen sponsors.

SET thanks all speakers, sponsors, guests, partner entities and congressmen registered for SET e Trinta 2020 in Las Vegas.

To the organization of the NAB Show, our esteem and consideration.

Carlos Fini
March 11, 2020