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Notice for Associates: SET annual fees now have a fixed due date

On February 8th, the Deliberative Council meeting approved the change in the date for charging SET individual associate membership annual fees (categories: professional and student).

“With the associate members and SET in mind, a single month was established for the due date of the annual fees: June”, said the General-Director of SET, Olímpio José Franco.

“The main advantage for associate members will be to make it easier to remember the month when the fees are due. At present, the annual fees become due in the same month when the person became an associate member, and we have noticed that people forget to renew them”.

“For SET, the aim is to improve our operating and annual fees control processes, as well as the benefits for the associate members”, he informed.


2020 is the year of transition for validating annual fees, the due date being June 2021. The charging process will be as follows for associate members and new entrants in 2020:


Schedule for new associates

Annual fees in 2020:

individuals (professionals) = R$ 252.00

– individuals (Technical or Undergraduate Course students) = R$ 68.25

– individuals (Graduate, Masters and Ph.D. students) = R$ 178.50

New Members: Will adhere to this same calendar.

Those in arrears: forfeit their associate member benefits until they regularize their payment. Irrespective of the month, annual fees must be paid in full.


Call 3666-9604 or send an e-mail to Daniel Calleia ([email protected]).