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SET eXPerience: a new experience is approaching

Read the words of SET President, Carlos Fini, about SET eXPerience, launched this week:

SET eXPerience: a new experience is approaching

SET EXPO has innovated, grew, and changed. It is now SET eXPerience.”With this phrase, SET presented, on Tuesday morning, 28, a digital transformation in the form of a new product to the media and entertainment markets.

We knew that we needed to bring a solution to our commercial, institutional, and associated partners, as well as the entire SET community, regarding our most important event, SET EXPO.

We have been following how the major international and national events have been dealing with the health emergency brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. At first, we postponed SET EXPO to December. But now it has become clear that holding a physical meeting will not happen until we have a vaccine.

In the last two months, a special SET Committee – whom I thank for the excellent work – evaluated the best alternatives. Likewise, I would like to thank the SET Council Board for helping us with essential information in this process.

Our main objectives have always been to supply the business and networking needs of the industry and guarantee that these aspirations could be transformed into an experience rich in opportunities, showing how our sector is reinventing itself and overcoming the challenges imposed by the current scenario.

For this reason, we have created this new experience that aims to bring together the best that we do at SET EXPO and transform this know-how according to the forms, richness, and creativity of the virtual environment. That is why we could not keep the same name: we are now in evolution and a much greater boldness than we imagined.

So, it is with great satisfaction that I announce SET eXPerience and invite everyone to join us on this journey from now on.

Welcome to SET eXPerience.

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Carlos Fini

SET President