New Technologies: aspect ratio-agnostic UHD-8K Full Frame 24x36mm sensor and lens

This panel is for cinematographers and photographers interested in latest-generation lenses. “A slow and silent trend has become noticeable with the launch, in 2014, of lens for image area size with FULL FRAME (36x24mm) Aspect Ratio, although no camera yet exists with that specification, only some still cameras”, says panel chair, Celso Araújo, Director for Cinema at SET and director of Link. A large variety of Full-Frame movie lenses are currently available, such as ZEISS, FUJINON, SCHNEIDER, SIGMA, LEICA, CANON, SONY, IB/E, SAMYANG, TOKINA and others. For the first time, the optics industry has gotten a head start on the camera industry. The FULL FRAME format offers bigger and better advantages, both esthetic, like depth-of-field, and amplification of 1.5 times compared with the traditional capture on S35 mm cine lenses. This larger-size sensor is really more advantageous, since pixels with larger dimensions admit a higher level of light capture, resulting in greater sensitivity. “The panel will introduce the new technologies of these recently-launched lenses, in addition to discussing the trends in sensors and movie cameras, including the industry’s most recent announcement: the Full-Frame Movie Camera”, he says.

Thursday, August 24, from 4:00 to 5:30 pm


Celso Araújo, SET and Link


Mario Jannini, Arri Brasil

Gordon Tubbs, Fujifilm

Erick Soares, Sony

Eric Johnston, ZGC/Cooke

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