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SET eXPerience: a new experience is approaching

The year 2020 will be remembered as the Year of Reinvention. We slowed our pace down, stayed at home, and began consuming and producing content differently. And, at the same time, the pandemic accelerated science, technology and society itself.

It is in this new context that our main event of the year is being thought out. It’s not just a reformulation or adaptation. The SET eXPerience is an evolution in the experience of creating and offering an event of this importance.

Carlos Fini
SET President

SET eXPerience

An innovative and transformative digital event that aims to foster business and networking opportunities with the M&E industry.


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FAQ – Asked questions about SET EXPO

Why has SET changed SET EXPO to SET eXPerience?

The new normal demands an across-the-board transformation of our habits and business. Since behind every crisis lies a huge opportunity, we at SET have transformed our highly respected SET Expo into an even bigger digital event, with a much wider range of content on display, more Latin American visitors, using engagement strategies and long-lasting innovative digital tools.

I have an agreement with the live SET Expo. What should I do?

During August, our commercial department will contact your company to present all the opportunities and new departures of SET eXPerience.
Thereafter, your company will have all the information and the alternatives available to decide where to channel the investment already made in SET Expo 2020.

I am an exhibitor who planned to participate at SET EXPO 2020. Now what?

Your company will be very welcome at SET eXPerience 2020! Creative strategies have been developed so that your brand enjoys even greater visibility and connection with your audience through this new experience. Contact our Commercial Department.

How can I participate

Follow our social networks, app and the SET site to dive headlong into this experience.

Sales & Sponsorship

Paulo Galante

Media and Sponsorship Manager – SET
Phone. : +55 11 995957791
Email: [email protected]