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Privacy policy

We, the SOCIEDADE BRASILEIRA DE ENGENHARIA DE TELEVISÃO (SET), Corporate Tax No., with our address at Avenida Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, No. 252, 3rd floor, Barra Funda district, Post Code 011.56001, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, are committed to protecting your privacy. The aim of this document is to clarify which information is gathered from users of respective services of our site www.set.org.br and www.setexpo.com.br and the manner in which this data is handled and used.

The ultimate objective is to implement a Data Protection Policy that also protects you, interested in accompanying what we have to offer you in terms of technology,  courses, congresses, seminars, trade shows, events and ideas, in addition to participating as the author of articles in the SET´s magazines, and as part of the audience at talks given by key players on the domestic and international technology scenario.

So, that is why you are invited to express your willingness to have access to the information on the portal, and all you must do is:


The User, in this Instrument of Use, agrees to:

  1.  Provide information that is true, exact, current and complete about themselves when registering on the specific registration sheet to access the Content of the Portal;
  2.  Protect and update this registration information immediately, to keep it true, exact, current, and complete.
  3. User shall inform their own e-mail address to be used to identify them on the Portal set.org.br and www.setexpo.com.br and receiving messages arising from their registration on said Portal.
  4.  User shall also create a password, being entirely responsible for the confidentiality of their password, as well as any activity that takes place within the scope of their Registration. Users can change their password at any time.
  5.  Both the e-mail address informed by the user and the password they created will be used to identify them and as permission to access the Portal. Users under the age of 18 (eighteen years) or dependent minors must be represented or assisted by their parents or legal wards when doing the Registration.
  6. The User’s data will be password-protected for their security and privacy. User agrees to immediately notify SET about any unauthorized use of their login (User’s identification for accessing the Portal, by entering their personal e-mail address and password created on the Portal) or any security breach of which they are aware.
  7. They also agree not to leave their personal registration open on the computer after entering their e-mail address and password on the Portal, thus avoiding unauthorized use by third parties. It is part of our policy to respect Users’ privacy. The Portal will therefore not monitor, edit, access or disclose its Users’ private information, except in cases where SET is obligated to do so under a court order or the law.
  8.  User shall use their own equipment to access the Portal and the archives of SET which shall not be held responsible for any access failure or incompatibility with any equipment or system used by the User and/or software and hardware configurations used by the User.
  9.  The selection of a dialer, provider and/or other means of Internet access and the inherent costs are the User’s sole responsibility.
  10. To identify the User during access to the Portal, SET may use cookies.