Technology and Journalism: impacts on the production and publication of news

“The evolution and offer of new technologies in editorial offices and news production environments have brought advantages, dynamism, speed in the production, investigation and disclosure of news content”, SET Editorial Director and Technology and Operations Director of SBT, Raimundo Lima, explains. “On the other hand”, he goes on, “the professionals working in these environments need to understand, take command of and operate these tools in order to make the most of the new developments that must be mandatory in the service of news production, not the other way around”. For the person chairing this amazing panel for everyone working in news production, “the different forms of disclosure on different platforms require agility and greater efficiency from the professionals involved in the processes. The panel members bring with them a little of their experience in facing up to these challenges, while at the same time setting out a road map for what awaits us in the near future”.

Monday, August 21, from 11:30 a, to 1:00 pm


Raimundo Lima, SBT and SET


Rafael Gomide, Record TV

Avi Cohen, LiveU Americas

Rafael Boni Marques, TV Globo

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