O presidente do Fórum SBDTV, Roberto Franco chamou a atenção para o fato de que, “neste momento, em nosso país, estamos vivendo uma guerra aberta”, pois não há modelos de negócios definidos, não há regulação e não há controle por parte do radiodifusor para as plataformas de OTT

Conference debates new departures and trends in media consumption

Technology has advanced at an amazing rate. But, when it comes to media consumption, understanding what consumers want, discuss their experiences, adapt offerings and address their anxieties is the key to discovering innovations and achieving success, according to Roberto Franco, head of institutional and regulatory issues at SBT. He is one of the speakers at the 2019 Set Expo Conference, which takes place between August 26 and 29 at the Expo Center Norte Convention Center, in São Paulo.

Franco will moderate the panel on “Media Consumption”, which will run from 2 pm until 3:20 pm on August 28. Franco’s career has focused on the media and television market, and he has already been president of the Forum of the Brazilian Digital TV System (SBTVD Forum) and the ISDB-T International Forum, in addition to a seat on the council of former presidents of SET. “Accompanying the panel is an opportunity to have contact with new trends and, thereafter, to position oneself with regard to the consumer”, says Franco.

Digital transformations directly influence media consumption by the population. Consumption of on-line videos is close to the consumption of television, for example. However, the lion’s share of advertising is still concentrated on TV. What would appear to be a contradiction could, in fact, point to other ways forward. “We have a new phenomenon in media use. To understand it, we need to focus less on technology and more on the consumer”, he adds.

This will be the 31st Technology, Media and Entertainment Business Conference staged by SET. The entity expects to attract 2,000 attendees, who will watch over 50 panels and 200 talks over the four days of the event.

The program schedule includes topics on radio and audio; AV contribution and infrastructure; innovation and disruptive technologies; content production; audiovisual distribution and regulatory and standardization issues.


Divided into the Conference and a Trade Show, SET EXPO is the largest technology e and media and entertainment business event in Latin America and one of the world’s largest. This year, for the conference alone 2000 attendees are expected, with an additional 5,000 at the Trade Show, from 38 countries, invading the Red Pavilion and the Expo Center Norte Convention Center to check out the novelties of 150 exhibitor companies representing over 400 Brazilian and international brands. The event takes place from August 26 thru 29.


Conference passes are on sale and there is a progressive discount depending on the number of days purchased. Those registering by the end of July will enjoy the same table of prices charged in June, with a 10% discount. Entrance to the Trade Show is free. Those registering for the Trade Show by July 22 will enter a draw for a full pass that gives access to the four days of the Conference. In all, two passes will be raffled.

About SET

Founded in 1988, The Brazilian Association for Television Engineering (SET) is a not-for-profit association consisting of businesses, professionals and academics whose main objective is to develop technical and scientific knowledge across the entire audiovisual media chain, from creation to delivery. It represents the largest discussion forum on standards and trends for electronic content creation, management and distribution market in Brazil.



Date: Conference: August 26 thru 29 | Trade Show: August 27 thru 29

Time: Conference: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm | Trade Show: 12 noon until 8:00 pm
Venue: Expo Center Norte – Red Pavilion and Convention Center.

Address: Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 – Vila Guilherme District – São Paulo – SP

Information and registration: