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SET IBB Group holds first meeting after break

Picture: Carla Bartz

Picture: Carla Bartz

After a six-month furlough, the IBB (Integrated Broadcast Broadband) Studies Group recommenced its activities and met, last week, at the SET central offices, in São Paulo, for its first meeting of 2016.

“Our objective is to bring the new members up to speed on the work already done by the group, and to update ourselves on the advances in technology since the last meeting. It was very good meeting; the group is strong and well-integrated”, says Group coordinator, Daniell Domingos, appreciatively.

The IBB studies group consists of academics, broadcaster professionals and manufacturers dedicated to broadcast and broadband studies. “Everyone’s very interested in the study material, expecting to acquire a good range of knowledge to take back to their work environments and bring us feedback. This will enrich out discussion while providing a more accurate picture of the IBB reality”, the coordinator explains.

No date has been set for the next meeting, but it should take place before the end of August. “Our idea is to have one meeting a month”, Domingos concludes.

To find out more about the IBB studies group, go to IBB Studies Group page.