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SET Events Directors and Coordinators hold their first meeting of the year

The SET Events Directorate held a meeting with the Events Coordination Department and the president to align objectives and put forward the strategies for 2017. “The aim was to bring the interested parties together so as to further improve the events that SET organizes”, Events Coordinator Gabriela Cabral explains.

SET is currently responsible for five regional gatherings (one in each region of Brazil), SET EXPO (in São Paulo) and the SET BREAKFAST @ NAB Show, seminar held in Las Vegas. On average, scheduling of all events commences as soon as the current edition finishes.

“I’ve been participating at SET for 25 years as a journalist, and have always been involved in the editorial board. At this first meeting, following an invitation from the new directorate, my idea was to get to know the team better and the events that are already taking place ” explains Events Director, José Carlos Aronchi.

Since the end of the year, the SET team has been trained in project management, in order to optimize time and how all the events are staged, especially SET EXPO.

“The events department at SET has evolved significantly in recent years. As a result, the new Events Directorate has the huge responsibility of continuing with the excellent work carried out so far. We will continue to focus on the development of our associates, professionals and the broadcast market as a whole”, says Alexandre Sano, Vice-Director for Events.

In the opinion of the Events Coordinator, “SET has been expanding its events year after year, and it is essential to join forces so as to ensure the best for all participants and associates.”

Another joint action is likely to involve appointing associates to be part of the Events Committee, people who can help put together the gatherings and seminars.

“It was important to hear the expectations of the president of SET about closer engagement with the associates on the new digital platforms, as well as increasing the participation of content professionals and university students at the regional, national and international events”, concludes Aronchi.

The SET Events Directorate for the 2017-2018 Biennium consists of Director José Carlos Aronchi and Vice-Director Alexandre Yoshida Sano