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Group will work on curating the material about the Switch-Off

The SET Switch-Off Working Group met last week for the first time to set out the operational priorities and the initial schedule for the Group’s action, as well as the forthcoming activities.

According to Group coordinator, Rafael Leal, the main activity will be to separate all the documents and bulletins about the SWO on the SET site. Simultaneously, the Group will reach out to regional associations in the sector, notifying them about the creation and scope of the group within SET.  “We believe that in this way we will be able to build partnerships to promote the regional gatherings,” the coordinator clarified,

The Working Group will also produce a column on the SET site about the analogic switch-off. “The Group will provide support and guidance for SET in the publishing articles in the column dedicated to SWO issues”, Leal explained.

The next meeting will be held on February 17, via audioconference. On February 18, the group will make a formal presentation to the first meeting of the SET board in 2017.

“The first experience was awesome! We managed to bring together every region in the country, which gave us a true picture of the reality in each location, enabling us to homogenize the information”, Leal says.

The Switch-Off Group is SET’s contribution to the schedule for switching off the analog signal currently taking place in Brazil. The page with additional information, and a contact e-mail, will shortly be on the air on the SET site.