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SET advances in the IP industry and signs a joint agreement with the AIMS

SET and the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) signed a cooperation agreement in December, seeking to ensure the exchange of knowledge between the two entities in the fields of standards, IP regulations and best practices, interoperability of devices connected by IP and media solutions based on this technology.

“AIMS is an industry consortium led by broadcast engineers, technologists, visionaries, vendors and business executives dedicated to an open-standards approach that moves broadcast and media companies quickly and profitably from legacy SDI systems to a virtualized, IP-based environment”, describes its website.

“With this agreement, we want to involve SET in the global discussions about the technological advances of IP and advanced systems for the content production phases”, as Olímpio José Franco, the superintendent of SET, explains “In addition, the agreement will bring together the two entities’ working groups, with the aim of fostering the rapid exchange of information. We believe the benefits for our industry are enormous”, in his opinion.

The use of IP technology in the production, distribution, and consumption of audiovisual content is now a reality. In January, the Rede Globo network inaugurated a new head office in Recife which is totally IP-based. Last year, executives of the broadcaster were at the 29th SET EXPO Technology Conference and at all the Regional Seminars to explain this change.

SET runs the IP Studies Group, headed up by José Antonio de Souza Garcia, Engineering Manager of EBC, which holds live and online meetings to discuss the issue.

“Where technology interests both organizations, there will be joint efforts at promotional actions”, says AIMS in its memorandum of agreement, which also goes on to say that members of other organizations may be invited to sit in on the Working Groups as observers.