Codecs for audio over IP and Doherty transmitters at the Tectronix booth

Teletronix, present in the broadcasting market for over 21 years, will be present at yet another edition of SET EXPO, taking broadcasters the latest developments in the FM and TV range. Check out the highlights below:

FM: New Codec for Audio over IP

The new Codec for audio IP, the AIL-100 model, was designed with the focus on the “easy-to-use” concept. The equipment is intended for use in transferring audio content from the broadcasting studio to a transmitter in another physical location.

The audio over IP Codec can be configured to function as a single or full-duplex: transmitting to a single or several destinations, and transmitting and receiving the stream at several destinations – even in the case where the device is located behind a gateway.

The RTP over UDP protocol (real-time transport protocol) has been used to ensure low latency and good reliability of the audio stream at the same time.

With a USB port on the front panel, this function lets the user leave a radio program recorded which, in case there is an unexpected break in the connection between the destinations, the equipment will reproduce the program previously recorded on the memory stick.

TV: New low-cost range of DOHERTY transmitters

The TV market will be introduced to the new range of highly efficient DOHERTY “UBX Line” Digital TV transmitters, designed with energy efficient equipment and value-for-money for the customer in mind. They retain their robustness, operating simplicity, linearity and the most complete compatibility with the prevailing standard, and have been duly certified at ANATEL.

The UBX Line range of transmitters were designed with DOHERTY amplifier topology, BLF888E transistors and efficiency exceeding 30% and 52% of the efficiency in the power module. In addition, they are highly robust in the module, allowing high levels of antenna mismatch, transmission capability on SFN networks and retransmission on MFN, protection from high incidence of VSWR and temperature, analog and digital pre-correction, enabling MER according to the prevailing technical standard. All transmitters in the UBX Line range have an optional telemetry board with a SNMP port and webserver for remote monitoring of the transmitter.

With these new developments, Teletronix intends to further strengthen the range of products it provides for FM and TV, increasing and consolidating its presence on the broadcasting market.

Teletronix will be in booth 29 on Street C-3.

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