Panel will deal with the debate with OTT best practices and new frontiers

The decade commencing in 2010 is being considered by specialists as the time when TV had to reinvent itself in various aspects in order to enter a new era. This reinvention, driven by technological factors generated by the convergence of television with the internet, has had a direct effect on the entire production chain. “It has also affected the business models and processes for creating and distributing audiovisual content much more quickly than many market analysts had predicted”, as explained by Salustiano Fagundes, founder of HIRIX Engenharia de Sistemas and CEO of HXD Smart Solutions.

Salustiano will be the moderator of a panel at SET EXPO which will deal with OTT, from the point of view of best practices and new frontiers. “The maturity of the use of video OTT points to the need for services that go well beyond the offer of VOD, Catchup TV and live streaming”, he explains. In the moderator’s opinion, users have already grasped the value of embracing a significant experience with renewed catalogs, increasingly personalized recommendations, searches and executions of the selected content that are faster and do not freeze. This is possible thanks to the analysis of metadata algorithms that gather information about search histories and assisted content, devices used and classifications done, among others, thus increasingly personalizing accesses, winning customer loyalty and, to a certain extent, anticipating their needs.

“In the light of this scenario, traditional broadcasters will need to respond quickly in order to survive in an environment of major changes and challenges, evaluating whether to adopt technological solutions that can place them in a new market”, says Salustiano.

This and other related issues will be covered during the session on “OTT Video: Best Practices and New Frontiers”, which will take place on August 22, at 11:00 am.

The session will be moderated by Salustiano Fagundes, a member of SET and CEO of HXD and Hirix Engenharia de Software, with the participation of Flávio Amaral (Network Strategist at Netflix), Masaru Takechi (Co-Chairman, IRG-IBB at ITU/NHK Engineering System), Marcello Azambuja (Director, Engineering & Product at, Marcelo Zuffo (President of LSI-TECUniversity of São Paulo/Global iTV Consortium Member) and Zalkind Lincoln (Watson Solutions Specialist/IBM).

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