EVS will present at SET EXPO 2017 the new range of DYVI switchers

The main difference between the DYVI and conventional switchers is its modular (PM) processing unit, horizontally expandable to increase the number of channels, processing performance and redundancy. Each module has its own physical inlets and outlets and a GPU (graphics processing unit), as well as two independent Multiviewer outlets.

Unlike other switchers in the market (where video is processed on FPGAs), DYVI processing lets you superimpose countless layers of video, effects, graphics and Fill & Key inputs without adding delays between the layers, completely revolutionizing the concept based on MEs.

The Control Panel resembles that of a conventional switcher, only smarter! The most important part of the user interface for live operations is in fact the control panel.

The design of the DYVI panel is rigorously the same as that of any other switcher in the market – the revolution lies in the software that lets you delegate a function to each key individually, or to a section. This allows the panel to be configured to operate exactly as in the sections of a conventional model, or it can be configured to optimize the operation, working (if necessary) together with the graphics interface or even with a cell phone in specific cases.

The Graphics User Interface comes with configuration and creation tools that enable the system to be completely manipulated. The creation of the Show is divided into Stages which, in turn, have Scenes containing layers, transition effects, graphics and videos. All of this mixed, aligned and limited only by the producer’s creativity.

The parts of the DYVI communicate with each other using TCP-IP protocol, while any expansion of the system is done by adding another component to the network. Need another control panel? Or additional video inlets/outlets? Another GUI creation point? Are the cameras in another building? Another city? No problem… the system can be distributed over the network.

When planning your next production center, don’t restrict yourself to a switcher built for today’s transmission needs – be sure you have a platform that can change to the rhythm of the emerging standards like 1080p, UHD-4K or above. DYVI is a pixel management factory that uses GPU to be flexible and to deliver the production in the format you need.

EVS will be in booth 24ª on Street A-2 of SET EXPO 2017. Access the entire floor plan here.

Free registration for attendees at the Products and Services Trade Show using this link.