Hot Session hightlights The Future and Evolution of TV broadcast

This hot session, chaired by the International Director of SET, Fernando Bittencourt, brings together the main international entities representing the global broadcast industry, as well as a global player, to debate the way forward for television in the light of the profound transformations in the business models and in audiovisual content production and distribution technologies. Participating will be Skip Pizzi, vice president for Technology Education and Outreach of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB, United States); Masayuki Sugawara, president of The Digital Broadcasting Expert Group (Dibeg, Japan); Simon Fell, Director of Technology and Innovation at the European Broadcast Union (EBU, Europe) and Lisa Hobbs, Commercial Portfolio Strategy, Compression Solution Area Media, Ericsson.


Fernando Bittencourt, SET


Skip Pizzi, NAB

Masayuki Sugawara, DiBEG

Simon Fell, EBU

Lisa Hobbs, Ericsson

Monday, August 21, from 11:30 a, to 1:00 pm

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