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SET institutional site gets a makeover

siteAnyone who has accessed the SET site in recent days will have noticed the novelty: the institution’s site has been given a facelift!

The new portal shows fuller information about the entity and its activities.

“We are searching for technological modernization, while consolidating the SET data systems”, Olímpio José Franco, the president of SET, explained.

The entire site was created using the WordPress platform, currently one of those most used on the market, because it is easy to program and operate.

The new project took into consideration improvements in the initial menu, easy browsing, the layout of the information, interaction and adaptation to different devices.

“The site is entirely responsive and can be accessed on smartphones, tablets and lap tops”, said Cléber Giorgetti, ICT director at SET. “We have also changed the servers and we are making changes to how e-mails and SET systems are managed”, he added.

The platform functions like a portal, with countless functions. Besides disclosing information and content, it manages events and the data registers of users and associates.

“We are also making adjustments and publishing new content”, said Olímpio. “However, we want a platform that is updated on a daily basis and which serves as a reference for anyone needing the most recent information about the broadcasting, audiovisual and new media sectors”, he added.