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SET IP Group discusses Grass Valley technology

Foto: Carla Bartz

Picture: Carla Bartz

The future of the Grass Valley IP solutions was the topic of the latest meeting of the SET IP Studies Group, held on August 1, in São Paulo.

“We basically talked about the market’s doubts surrounding the cost-benefit ratio of our technologies, as well as what the future holds for the IP technologies we currently use”, says the company’s commercial director, David Duarte.

The GV Nolde and the SDN controller, GV Convergente hardware models were presented. “The difference in the Grass Valley models is that they can work with the different types of switcher currently available in the market. They are also the only ones that make a vertical internal deterministic cut in IPs”, Duarte adds.

This was the third meeting of the SET IP Studies Group. Previously, Sony’s NMI (Networked Media Interface) and Evertz’s Aspen standard technologies had been presented.


The SET IP Studies Group is an open group with free participation. The purpose is to study and discuss current IP technology for in-studio production.

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