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UHDTV-Brazil Forum is rebaptized UHD-Brazil Project

The UHD – Brazil Project, previously referred to as the UHDTV- Brazil Forum, met on July 12th, in São Paulo, for the first official gathering with those indicated by the supporting entities to sit on the working committees created.

The first discussion point was the name of the project. The members discussed what the best form would be to identify the extensive scope of the volunteer work they are to do to promote the introduction of the new generation of audiovisual services across a range of media.  The word “Forum” was rejected, so as not to cause confusion with the well-established SBTVD Forum. The title of Multisectorial Group was considered excessively formal. Suggestions of names were put forward (NexTV, TV do Futuro (TV of the Future), TV do Amanhã (TV of Tomorrow)) and, based on the suggestion of the ABINEE representative, the name was defined as the UHD – Brazil Project, taking into account that the term “project” perfectly reflects the nature of the multisectorial work, while the acronym UHD (Ultra-High Definition, in English) covers the next-generation concept .

During the second part of the meeting, the new members were introduced to the long-standing members, specifying their original associations and the committees to which they have been appointed in the UHD Brazil Project. A brief description was given of the original idea of the project, its objectives and supporting entities (ABERT, ABRATEL, ABTA, ABINEE, BRAVI, ELETROS, and SET).

“I would like to stress that we are here making an effort in favor of the audiovisual chain. This group is for us to have an extensive view of the technology market, which will help business. No peculiarities of the entities will be dealt with here, as the group has no “owner”. We are here to foster the harmonization of the industry in Brazil, to benefit all those involved”, SET president, Liliana Nakonechnyj, who chaired the meeting said.

The working committees of the UHD – Brazil Project

The kick-off sequence of the work to be carried out was presented (equalization of knowledge, definition of the state of the art of the industry and the activities proposed to the coordinating committee).

The suggestion was put forward to include GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple (the latter is a member of Abinee), Twitter and Netflix.

When the meeting had ended, each committee member present elected provisional coordinators, and the commitment was given for a conference call with each committee in the first week of August to present the work planning. This is how it turned out: Coordinators: Consumption habits, Business and Systemic Overview – Leonardo Chaves (ABERT); Picture and Sound Quality – Leandro Pena (ABERT); Distribution/Harmonization –José Antônio Garcia (SET); Security: Antônio Salles (ABTA); and Communication / Marketing – Carla Bartz (SET)