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EiTV presents “The saga of the screens” – 2018 SET EXPO Episode”


The business world is being invaded and taken over by screens. No type of business is immune to them. Those without them get left behind. Even companies that were born to compete with screens, such as printed newspapers, magazines and even radios, are on screen. TV channels, more than any other media, have had to chase after more screens, more time and more physical and electronic space for business.

This “screenification”, a neologism for innovating even in the language, is now the expertise of EiTV. It is one of the most qualified companies in Latin America for implementing and optimizing the use of screens in any type or phase of business. From training to marketing, from entertainment to project development, from the individual to the global. And best of all, with ground-breaking alternatives for financial viability. This makes the 2018 SET Expo the natural territory of EiTV.

Born for free-to-air digital TV, EiTV then embarked on developing solutions for all audiovisual medias, culminating in the EiTV CLOUD platform. The technology enables small local TV stations to achieve a global reach with live programming. But, if your company doesn’t operate in the field of communication, the platform allows you to hold live classes for a student or a group of students or open it up to anyone. Whatever the audiovisual content, it will be within reach of any screen on the planet. Your company will have a fully personalized application, whereby those interested in the content can download it to their cell phone, tablet, smart TV or directly from the computer using your URL. The cost? You can rent the platform as a service and pay for the number of audiovisual files stored in the cloud.

Another EiTV solution for using screens is the distribution of cabled signals among multiple stand-alone devices. Just like the TV you watch in your hotel room. The EiTV IPTV Server permits, for example, that in 300 apartments – or even more – each client can access the programming they want using an exclusive set-top box that can also be used as a WiFi hotspot to boost the Internet signal in the bedroom. The reduction in investment and maintenance costs is exceptional.

The same network cabling installed for the Internet can be used on the EiTV IPTV Server. As for reliability, the system was developed from the exclusive technology that EiTV took to the soccer stadiums at the World Cup.


The engineering focus of EiTV is dedicated to integrated solutions that are more compact and easier to operate. This applies to installation, renewal or upgrade of the signal digitalization. The EiTV Dual Channel Encoder plugged into an SDI outlet of the master control sends the Full HD digital signal to the transmitter. Generators and relay stations throughout Brazil and South America bear witness to the efficiency of this solution. The EiTV CC Box is a small box that receives a digital signal and thereafter generates the simulcast. It also inserts, into the analog signal only, notices of the switch off date on the days and at the times previously scheduled during the year.

To check the quality, the EiTV Inspector range was developed to ascertain all signal parameters. The product for TV channels also analyzes the tables and other functions. It also records the entire schedule as a legal file over a 3-month period. The EiTV Inspector Box, in turn, reads the quality of the signal at any point in the coverage area. It is indicated for technical assistance in television sets. It can indicate whether the defect lies in the television itself, or whether it is the poor quality of the signal.

The EiTV Closed Caption generator automatically converts to text the entire program audio, requiring no human intervention. But it can also insert into the television signal captions obtained from another source, with or without automatic recognition. These may come from the network, voice over, News systems, scripts, etc.

The EiTV equipment covers all phases of the digitalization, from the renewal of broadcasters that have already converted the signal some time ago, to readying those who will shortly abandon the analog tv signal. The solutions are always the most up-to-date and with more competitive prices.


EiTV will be at SET EXPO in the booth on Rua E, corridor 6A.

Registration for the Trade Show is free.