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Visitors can get a close-up look at the new SES teleport

As a leading satellite operator, SES seeks to support TV broadcasters and operators to enable them to stay abreast of the constant changes in how their consumers watch television, not only by offering the satellite band, but also services that go beyond the capability of the satellite.

Visitors to the booth will learn more about the new SES teleport located in Hortolândia, and how this latest-generation facility enables SES to offer its clients a new range of data and video services. The Teleport will specifically manage the operations of SES-14, which will come on line in: TT&C (Telemetry, Tracking and Command), HTS (High Throughput Satellite) traffic management, and the transmission of signals via the satellite’s extensive range beams. By transmitting signals using the beams of SES-14, the Teleport will make it easier for IPTV and cable TV operators to expand the offer of channels, extending their reach and providing an enhanced viewing experience across the whole of Latin America.

Visitors will be able to see behind-the-scenes images of when it was being built, as well as the opportunity to discuss with SES specialists how this new facility will take video and data services to businesses in Latin America.

SES has always been a driver of new TV technologies, and Ultra HD is definitely one of them – and that is why we have recently launched our Ultra HD platform for Latin America. Visitors will get a first-hand look at how the platform works and how it brings together the various elements of the Ultra HD ecosystem: satellite-based distribution, Ultra HD content and set-top-boxes. Taking advantage of the cost-benefit ratio, the extensive reach and the availability of the satellite band, the purpose of the Ultra HD platform is to assist TV operators in Latin America in offering consumers the most realistic visual experience currently available.

The demonstration on the booth will display the five channels now available on the platform: NASA, Insight TV, Fashion 4K, and UHD1.

Although demand for higher-definition images is on the increase, on the other hand the proliferation of mobile devices and the availability of broadband services has changed the way in which the public consumes TV content. TV companies have also been expanding their offers to address the changes in viewing habits. Similarly, SES is going beyond the capability of the satellite, to assist its transmission clients in offering their public the best viewing experience, with a variety of video solutions:

SES will give a live demonstration of VoD Everywhere, showing how satellite-based distribution can provide an instant and rich video experience on demand and on any device. Thanks to the satellite, the solution offers content on demand without the need for a broadband connection, filling the gap in underprivileged areas and taking content to an increasing number of users.

  • MX1 360: The affiliate of SES, MX1, a leading provider of media services offering a full range of innovative services for linear and digital distribution, will showcase its unified media platform that hosts the entire range of media services. On a single user interface, this centralized platform manages media complexity in a highly flexible manner. The solution allows media companies to monitor, manage and provide linear or non-linear content for any broadcast platform, VOD or OTT – and all from a single platform.
  • MultTV: The partnership between MultTV and SES allows ISPs to improve the offer to their subscribers by adding Pay TV content to their broadband services. All TV signals are transmitted through a “headend in the sky” (a satellite distribution, process and transmission platform focused on a single signal) to all MultTV clients, reducing infrastructure costs. The result is that with just a new set-top box, ISP subscribers can access more than 60 channels, including popular content like FOX and ESPN .