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SET to participate at trade shows in Mexico and Japan in November

On November 16, 17 and 18, SET will be present at two international events, InterBEE, in Tokyo and Broadcast Mexico 2016, in Guadalajara.

The events are dedicated to broadcasting, and SET will have an institutional stand and SET EXPO 2017 for exhibiting material and announcing SET EXPO 2017.

At Broadcast Mexico, a cooperation agreement will be formalized between SET and the Mexican Association AMITRA/BROADCAST MEXICO, “a partnership that began at SET EXPO 2014, following the participation of the radio technical committee of the AESP and with SET actually taking part in the meetings. Now we have reached the crowning moment of SET’s expansion not only in Latin America, but also in the world’s key technology discussion centers”, the Director for Radio at SET, Eduardo Cappia, explained.

The partnership will contribute to fostering North America-South America integration in regulations and technological progress, technical standards, while disclosing stage at which DIGITAL TV is at in Brazil, consolidating and expanding the standard adopted in Brazil. “It is also our aim to attract more exhibitors to SET EXPO 2017 and to observe the behavior of Mexican digital radio in the border area with the USA, so that we can learn during the transition to digital signals on the borders with our South American neighbors when adopting a future standard”, he explained.

During the conference, Cappia will also sit on a panel in which he will talk about the Migration from Am to FM Radio and about the ISDBT TV standard adopted in Brazil, updating the scenarios.