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Full house for the IP Group Meeting at SET to discuss NMI


Erick Soares, Sony

The guest at the first meeting of the SET IP Group, which was held on Friday 17, was the technology manager at Sony, Erick Soares. The meeting took place at the SET main offices in São Paulo, and discussed the technology for live production over IP, specifically Sony’s NMI (Networked Media Interface) technology.

“It’s a good group with a diverse range of profiles, which added a lot to the discussion. We talked about the architecture of the technology, compression networks and control protocols, highlighting the relevance of everything required for transmission via IP for video production”, said Soares.

The meeting also touched on the trends in the IP infrastructure market for SMPTE 2022, TRO3 and SMPTE 2110 technologies.

“Having a group like this is very important. We are dealing with standards and implementation technologies that are still new in Brazil, and which we know will very soon be a reality”, Editorial Director of SET, Valderez Donzelli pointed out.

The first meeting of the IP Group filled the SET auditorium, nor to mention the participants watching the on-line transmission.Reuniao_IP_SET

“The meeting showed that creating the Group and inviting Erick to the first meeting has been a major achievement for SET. We had a discussion that was high-level, but at the same time didactic. It’ll take us some time to assimilate everything that was presented”, Group coordinator and SET Technology Committee member José Antônio Garcia emphasized.

For further information about the Group and how to sign up to participate, click here.