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Book by SET director tells the story of ISDB-T

The implementation of the digital television model in Brazil has become history recorded in a book by the hands of the international director of SET, Fernando Bittencourt, in a joint initiative with the CEO of International Technology Consulting Corporation (ITCC), Osamu Yamada.” The book covers the entire technological theoretical part of the ISDB system, as well as the part about the implementation process and the politics involved in the decision to adopt the ISDB-T system both in Japan, and in Brazil,“ Bittencourt explains.

These 10 years or more of work recall similar situations in Japan and in Brazil for implementing Digital TV. “The ISDB standard proposed in Japan by NHK under the leadership of Osamu was initially viewed with skepticism by the broadcasting community in Japan. A similar situation occurred in Brazil. Both cases had to put forward very strong arguments to convince the governments and the broadcast community. Of course, on different occasions: firstly, in Japan, later in Brazil, so we decided to record this”, says Bittencourt.

Today, those who witness the success and quality of Brazilian digital TV cannot imagine the difficulty and the barriers that had to be overcome in order to implement it. “I think that especially for the new professionals and students of engineering, it is important to know how things happen. The implementation of new technologies, especially those with major impacts and which are for the mass market, tend to have similar implementation processes. Osamu’s idea to put all this down in a book is of great value for posterity. We became good friends and decided to record this friendship in a book,” Bittencourt explains.

The idea of the book

Osamu Yamada realized that there was no book about the ISDB-T written in English, “the world’s number one language, so we had an obstacle to the initiatives for divulging ISDB-T”, he recalls.

In 2013, he contacted Bittencourt. “He was the first broadcasting engineer to reveal the superiority of the ISDB-T, when compared to the US ATSC and the European DVB-T systems, and led Brazilian broadcasters to make the right choice. He immediately took up the challenge of writing with me, so that this knowledge would be shared with the world,” says Yamada.

The two decided that the book would not just deal with the technology, but also with the history of the research and development of the ISDB-T

For now, the book is only for sale on Amazon.com, under the title:  Digital TV -ISDB-T. The Origin, R&D and Growth. It will shortly be launched online on other sites. The physical launch will take place during the 2017 SET EXPO.