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Enensys will showcase its optimized ISDB-T capabilities at SET EXPO


SET EXPO, São Paulo, Booth #100 – August 2, 2018:  ENENSYS Technologies, designer and manufacturer of digital TV transmission technologies, will showcase in booth #100 at the 2018 SET EXPO booth the latest developments in technologies for monetizing and optimizing DTT networks, in addition to powerful upgrades to its ASI and IP switches for network redundancy and digital products.

ENENSYS will demonstrate its well-known OneBeam solution that assures efficient delivery by satellite of digital TV services across an ISDB-T/Tb network operated in MFN or SFN. At the transmission centers, the TbEdge receives via satellite delivery a standard MPEG-2 TS or a compacted BTS, processes the SI and generates a BTS stream intended to enable SFN transmission. The TbEdge supports the decoding resource to combine DTH and DTT services.

Now, the solution is capable of supporting local ReMUX resources. At the transmission center, the TbEdge can re-multiplex a second incoming domestic satellite feed to build a new local multiplex consisting of domestic services and local content for MFN and SFN transmission. The TbEdge performs the DVB-SI processing to update the DVB-SI data referring to the local content.

ENENSYS will also display its comprehensive solution, Targeted Control Insertion, which aims to produce additional returns by providing access to TV for local or regional brands. Operating at the network boundary, the AdsEdge is an elegant server and splicer that enables insertion of local content based on domestic service files for cable TV and DTT networks (usually commercials, news and weather forecasts). The Campaign Manager is the solution’s Content Management System (CMS) that interacts with the automation system (receiving playlists), with content providers and advertising through the MAM of the broadcaster, and with the AdsEdge to deliver the correct content and playlist, as well as the AsRun logs as proof of insertion.

At SET EXPO, ENENSYS will showcase its solution of 2:1 or 3:1 ASI or IP switches that assure availability of the services without affecting the consumer. The solution offers full network and equipment redundancy for any standard Digital TV product and distribution network.

ASIIPGuard is the ENENSYS ASI switch with IP capabilities. It offers the possibility of changing 2 or 3 feeds. It can also do the BTS conversion from ASI to IP, and from IP to ASI, controlling package loss and IP jittering.

The IPGuardV2 aims to provide redundancy between IP streams. One unit can deal with the redundancy of up to 6 TSoIP streams and up to 60 IP streams. It is compatible with SMPTE 2022-7 to provide impeccable commuting of redundant RTP streams.


Founded in 2004 by Digital TV professionals, ENENSYS Technologies has years of experience In designing and manufacturing Digital TV transmission systems. Its products include encoding/multiplexing and transmission, facilitating the distribution of signals on an extensive variety of networks, including IP. ENENSYS is the global leader in DVB-T2 technology and includes other standards, such as DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T, T-DMB and DTMB. The company develops the technology embedded in its products and has 15 patents to protect its intellectual property. For more information visit www.enensys.com.