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List of the SETup Challenge finalists revealed

SET is revealing the list of the ten start-ups selected for the SETup Challenge 2017. They will present themselves to the public at the Products and Services Trade Show of SET EXPO 2017, which takes place between August 21 and 24 at the Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo.

The ten companies were evaluated by the organizing committee, under the curatorship of the coordinator of the SIZ (SET Innovation Zone), Edson Mackeenzy. During SET EXPO, they will be located in the Start-Ups/ Innovation Pavilion.

The visiting public will vote for the options of their preference. A jury will select the top three, based on technical criteria already defined by the Challenge organizing committee. The result will be disclose don the final day of SET EXPO, in the innovation pavilion.

For this year’s selection, SET has turned its attention to participants focused on creating immersive environments for content production and distribution. As the coordinator explains, “Unlike last year, when we selected new suppliers in the market, this year the emphasis is on new possibilities for content production and distribution. It’s a market trend, and SET is closely watching developments in this new concept.”

Below is the list of the start-ups selected for the SETup Challenge 2017. The first three chosen will be awarded an AlphaCard with a prize of one million Reais.


Media Glass Rio de Janeiro Applications for Smart Glass platforms, such as Google Glass and Vuzix.
Inside Places Virtual Reality Londrina Virtual Reality Platform for professionals working with 360º images.
TVeManager Rio de Janeiro Content management system for organizing projects.
Kinorama Rio de Janeiro On-line platform for displaying crowdfunding for choosing movies in cinemas.
SuperPlayer Porto Alegre Music solutions for end-consumers, companies and the music industry.
Wootrix São Paulo Multi-platform that allows companies to have their information distribution channels.
Choicely Helsinki A community for people to explore, come together and vote on important videos.
LivOd Rio de Janeiro Content library (second screen) for videos, watching them as if they were live.
Beenoculus São Paulo First-person immersive education using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
Flowics São Paulo Digital Marketing Platform
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SagaLabs Rio de Janeiro Development of gamified, virtual and didactic, environments using Virtual Reality.
SPIRIT Animation Curitiba Study of animation in Brazil and multiplatform games