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AIB reaches its 70th birthday

The Association for International Broadcasting Association (AIB) reached its 70th birthday on Tuesday (4). To commemorate the date, its president José Luis Saca published a message on behalf of the more than 17,000 associate radio and television broadcasters in the three Americas and Europe.

In the message, the president José Luis Saca Jiménez emphasizes that the AIB is the industry’s oldest organization for defending freedom of expression and democracy. “We are committed to continue defending these ideas every day, so as to forge an America that is freer and more democratic and professional”, says Saca.

In the forties, broadcasting was consolidating its position in the Americas and needed to be strengthened. Uruguayan broadcaster, Don Lorenzo Balerio Sicco, chaired the industry’s meetings and organized the Interamerican Meeting of Broadcasters. After the event, broadcasters from different countries agreed to create, in Mexico, the Association of Interamerican Broadcasting.

In 1985, after meetings and gatherings in countries of Europe, new statutes were created and the entity was given a new name and decided to open its doors to radio and television companies from different regions. Thus was born the Association of International Broadcasting.

Aware of what was happening in South America, the AIB has frequently come out against cases of aggression against journalists, attempts to prevent the free exercise of press and broadcasting company professionals in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela. By strengthening its role, the AIB reminds us that it puts a lot of work into strengthening the industry and to prevent attempts at restricting society’s right to information from repeating themselves.

SET and the AIB

SET and the AIB are partners in the Latin American Broadcasting Business Forum, which was held for the third consecutive years at SET EXPO 2016. The AIB is also a supporter of the Forum.

The Latin American Broadcasting Business Forum is an important debate about the economic and political challenges regulatory processes and the business opportunities for the communications, audiovisual and new media sectors. It brings together industry executive and representatives of government and civil society.


Source: AESP (with information from the ABERT)


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