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SET Mid-West discusses the switch-off of analog TV in Brasília

Between November 22 and 23, SET is holding the Mid-West regional seminar. The event takes place in Brasília only five days after the switch-off of analog TV in that city.

The event will include a special panel that will discuss the challenges of the switch-off, and will be moderated by the host of the event, Emerson Weirich, SET regional director and engineering manager of EBC. The parties to the debate will be Luiz Carlos Abrahão, of TV Globo, Fernando Mattos, of SBT, Tomaso Papi, of the Rede Record network and Luana Carolina Bravo, of Band.

According to Weirich, “This is a unique opportunity to discuss the migration from analog to digital TV in Brazil as it happens.”

In addition to this panel. André Felipe Trindade, of ABRATEL, will present a global perspective on the broadcasting spectrum, the switch off and the role of the GIRED in Brazil. Present at the debate will be Paulo Balduino, of ABERT.

Gunnar Bedicks, of Seja:Digital, will give talk at, a special session, about the entity’s activities in the process for freeing up the 700 Mhz range.

Also present at SET Mid-West will be representatives of SET partner companies, who will introduce new technological developments for the audiovisual and broadcast sectors both in talks and in the demonstration area at the event.

The gathering is intended for professionals, executives and students in the fields of areas of engineering and production of audiovisual content. It is supported by entities like ABERT, ABRATEL, ASTRAL, AVEC and EBC.

Registration is free, via the SET site.



Event: SET Mid-West

Date: November 22nd and 23rd

Venue: Hotel Brasília Imperial, SHS Quadra 3, Block H, Brasília-DF

Register for free: https://www.set.org.br/produto/inscricao-set-regional-centro-oeste-2016/

The event will provide a certificate of participation