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SET Communication Team participates at SBTVD Forum meeting


The professionals in charge of the communication and marketing areas of TV stations, reception, software and transmission companies, teaching institutions and associate partner entities of the SBTVD Forum gathered last Wednesday (9), in São Paulo, for the first Communication Meeting of the SBTVD Forum.

The event was organized by that entity’s Promotion Module to introduce the new communication tools available to the free-to-air Digital TV market in Brazil, which is now gaining ground among consumers because of the gradual – and definitive – transition from analog to digital signals on television sets.

During his welcome address, the president of the SBTVD Forum, Roberto Franco, described the current market scenario and stressed the importance of bringing together and aligning the communications of the different sectors comprising the entity.

“We are experiencing a period of major challenges for the industry, and it is our obligation to correctly inform the population about the benefits that the advent of the digital signal offers. That is why it is important for us to combine our efforts and, together, to channel communication in the same direction”.

The SET communication team was present, stressing that it is available for disclosing the actions regarding digital TV and possible materials of interest to the stakeholders of both entities.

“The meeting was very productive and important for SET. SET and the SBTVD Forum have common objectives, chief among them being the development of Brazilian broadcasting. Thus, actions such as this help to create greater work synergy, communication and the partnership between the entities”, said SET Communication Manager, Carla Bartz.

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Source: SBTVD Forum and SET