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SET Innovation Zone

SET Innovation Zone

start-ups well beyond the screens

The SET Innovation Zone (SIZ) is a program for fostering Innovation and new technologies. The initiative is a permanent one, open to society, and aims to produce content, professional refresher courses and encourage entrepreneurship in the Brazilian audiovisual production chain, primarily the new businesses referred to as start-ups.
SIZ consists of several actions, the main one being the SETup Challenge at which start-up companies dedicated to the audiovisual sector compete with each other for the chance to receive complete guidance from SET/Sebrae and to participate at the SET EXPO Trade Show, where they will be in contact with potential buyers and clients.
This page provides information in the form of a catalog about the current and previous attendees at the SETup Challenge.
Besides this information, the SIZ also produces news and texts about technological innovation in audiovisual.

Além dessas informações, o SIZ também produz notícias e textos sobre inovação tecnológica no audiovisual.

Objetives of the program

The SIZ is the link between the start-up ecosystem and content production and distribution companies.
The purpose is to create an environment that enables the exchange of experiences, the creation of business and encourages start-up companies that develop solutions in innovation.

SETup Challenge

The SETup Challenge consists of an international competition of demonstrations (Demo Day) of disruptive solutions for the future of content production and distribution.

The challenge takes place during SET EXPO and its main objectives are:

  • To map start-ups that create technology for stimulating audience interaction and engagement in immersive and multimedia environments;
  • To reduce the distance between the start-ups and the key CIOs in Latin America;
  • To maintain an open platform for innovation for the entire content transmission and production market.

To be successful, these solutions must surprise the experience of the user by employing:

  • Virtual Reality (VR)Augmented Reality (AR)
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Digital content creation and management
  • Man-machine interaction

Our start-ups

See some of the start-ups that have experienced the SET Innovation Zone

Global Phase

Registrations are open for the global phase of the SETup Challenge. 
Entrepreneurs interested in participating should read the regulations and fill out the registration form. 
The proposals will be examined in the minutest detail by a panel of professionals who are references in the industry.

Ten start-ups will be selected to participate in the SETup Challenge. They will be accompanied and will exhibit their solutions for free in the Innovation Pavilion during the 2018 SET EXPO.



Closing date for registrations for the Global Phase: July 20 July 30


  • To have an applicable solution that optimizes the operations of one or more segments of the content transmission and/or production industry, such as audiovisual producers, radio and television stations, the cinema and new media;
  • The start-up must have a solution or prototype that inspires the future.
  • Be present – at their own expense – at the 2018 SET EXPO that takes place on August 27, 28, 29 and 30, in São Paulo;
  • Each company may only enroll one solution;
  • The start-up selected must demonstrate their solution in the innovation pavilion during the 2018 SET EXPO.


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