FM on cell phones and in car dashboard radios: paths for the future of radio



Photo: AERP

This panel will address to major fronts in the evolution of radio: cell phones and cars. “As smartphones are practically the universal device for the consumption of media, it is strategic for them to be equipped with radio. Ironically, most cell phones come with a chip for FM reception, but only a handful have this reception activated. Having perceived this, NAB has begun a campaign for activating these chips”, Marco Túlio Nascimento, deputy director for Radio at SET, who will chair the roundtable explains.

“During the second part of the panel, we will discuss the outlook for radio in connected cars. New infotainment systems come not only with AM/FM radio, but also with multiple options for the consumption of audio content via 3G/4G internet. Understanding this ecosystem and how the entertainment and information platforms in cars are evolving is also absolutely strategic”, he explains.


Marco Túlio Nascimento, SET and ZYDigital


Skip Pizzi, NAB

Alexandre Barros, AERP

Mathias Michael Oeelein, RDC


Wednesday, August 23, from 2:00 until 3:30 pm

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