The panel will deal with engaging with Disruptive Innovations – Big Data, AI, IOT & MR

During the nineties, the leading label in creativity was research and development (R&D). From the year 2000 on, we began calling all of this “Innovation” and, during this decade, there has been increasing emphasis on the concept of “Disruptive Innovation” in which an old and out-of-date model is actually being torn down, to be replaced by a new and contemporary one. It is a rupture of concepts, presenting disruption as “beyond” the new, an interruption to the normal course of a process.

Against this backdrop of new labels, the panel coordinated by Rodrigo Dias Arnaut (Director of EraTransmidia, professor at FAAP, deputy director of Subscriber TV and New Media at SET, and consultant in transmedia planning for producers and agencies at Esconderijo.xy) will take a practical approach to translating the meaning of Big Data – where huge volumes of different information are rapidly accessed – and AI (Artificial Intelligence) – where algorithms and tools are increasingly present in our everyday lives, whether in complex software programs or even in our chats on social media.

Another “alphabet soup” to be discussed includes VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality), which enable users to interact in virtual surroundings that are increasingly common in brand experiences, and IoT (Internet of Things), which will see over 50 billion devices connected to the internet in 2020, involving the entire consumer industry chain.

The panel will consist of three talks. One of them is by Jefferson Prestes, director of Novatrix/Chronos Bot, on the theme “Talking to machines”, in which he will present cases of TV channels that released videos via chatbot, an OTT (Over The Top) via AI. Rodrigo Terra, founder and director of and CEO of EraTransmidia, will discuss how MR (Mixed Reality) will transform our world of content and immersive experiences in his talk, “Mixed reality is here!”. Lastly, market research, media and digital marketing strategies consultant, Renato Teixeira (Choicely Brazil / FAAP) will give a talk on “On-line engagement and voting”, where the aim will be to show how to take advantage of consumer interaction and engagement in the on-line world, using voting and research tools to make decisions.

The Panel “Increasing the audience: engaging with Big Data & AI & IOT & MR – real interactivity (chatbot demo)” will be held on Monday (08/21), at 9:00 am.

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