Google, Samsung and O2 Films discuss Virtual Reality at SET EXPO

 The largest broadcast and audiovisual event in Latin America welcomes world-famous professionals to one of its hotly-disputed panels

One of the hotly-disputed panels at SET EXPO hosts heavyweight names to discuss virtual reality.

On the subject of Making Virtual Reality (VR) a Reality! around the table we will have representatives of Google, Samsung and O2 Films, moderated by Daniela Souza, Marketing Director of SET and SVP of AD Digital. According to her, “The development of VR technology has injected life into all our creative dreams. Content creators can guide a viewer through an immersive experience, with almost unlimited potential, transporting the consumer to anywhere in this world or any other.”

The idea is that every phase of production of virtual reality is covered: equipment (Samsung), content (O2 Films) and distribution (Google).

Alberto Menoni will represent Google, where he is Head of Broadcast, Media, Entertainment and Telecommunications. The guest will concentrate on the business models and consumer relations, discoursing on the issue of The Google view of the VR ecosystem. “Where are we currently? How far have we come and what are the challenges that the VR industry will face before it is actually embraced by the masses?” he asks. In reply: “the industry is also focused on sorting out some of the challenges currently facing VR: increasing the discovery of content, reducing the fragmentation of the platform and creating increasing interest among consumers”.

Renato Citrini, Product Marketing Manager of Samsung, brings the manufacturer’s point of view with the theme:  What is for real in Virtual Reality. The subjects he will cover include virtual reality glasses, 360-degree cameras for the end-consumer, the processing capabilities of smartphones and the content available on Facebook and YouTube.

Lastly, the director of O2 Films, Roberto Laganaro, dives headlong into the universe of Immersive Narratives: storytelling today. The movie director’s projects include the video clip O Farol (the Lighthouse), by Brazilian singer, Ivete Sangalo, which was the most viewed, in 2016, in the VR/360-degree format, in addition to commercials that amount to over 60 million views. His documentary, “Step to the line”, filmed in VR at maximum security prisons in the USA, was part of the official selection for the 2017 Tribeca Festival and was even shared by Mark Zuckerberg.

The panel will take place on August 30, from 4:00 until 5:30 pm.