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2Live is a company specializing in technology digital transmission of Data, Audio and Video. The company provides equipment for the Broadcast, video production and data communication markets.
2Live represents and distributes LiveU equipment and systems, the leading company in cellular bonding technology , focusing on transmissions with LIVE audio and video mobility using multiple 4G cellular modems.
 (11) 3884-0168
 [email protected]

ABS Satéllite

ABS is a global satellite operator and offers a complete range of tailored solutions including broadcasting, data and telecommunication services to broadcasters, service providers, enterprises and government organizations. .
ABS operates a fleet of satellites; ABS-2, ABS-2A, ABS-3A ABS-4/Mobisat-1, ABS-6, and ABS-7. The satellite fleet covers over 93% of the world’s population across the Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, CIS and Russia.
Headquartered in Bermuda, ABS has offices in the United States, Brazil, UAE, South Africa and Asia. ABS is majority owned by Permira, a European Private Equity firm.
For more information, visit
[email protected] / [email protected]

Advantech Wireless

Advantech Wireless Technologies supports the critical need for High Throughput Satellite communications in a rapidly expanding digital environment. Our proven highly reliable system solutions are meeting the ever-increasing need for high-bandwidth communications essential to military and government solutions, as well as cellular network providers, broadcasters, robust corporate networks, and security. We integrate award-winning research and development engineering into our designs. The company products include world leading Satcom GaN based Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs)/ Block-up Converters (BUCs), pulse amplifiers for radar systems, frequency converters, Fixed & Mobile Antennas, Microwave
Radios and ruggedized military products.

Contact: [email protected] |

AF Datalink

Manufacturer of cables for sound, lighting and broadcasting.
We will showcase our range of cables for broadcasting, sound and lighting.
Brands presented: DATALINK, REAN.
+55 11 5645-0900
[email protected]


Come and meet Alfred and revolutionize your structure for producing, storing and distributing audiovisual content! ALFRED develops innovative products for the management, distribution and filing of digital media. With over 100 systems operating at important companies and institutions in Brazil and worldwide, the company is bringing to the 2019 SET EXPO Alfred 2, the new version of its powerful MAM system. A major step forward, Alfred 2 comes with important new functionalities such as web and mobile access, servers and storage in the cloud, streaming and integration with social media. With Alfred 2 it’s easy to structure your entire content flow, irrespective of the size of your operation, from ingest to the file, producing and distributing on Free-to-Air TV, cable or on the Web (OTT). Alfred: At your service!
+55 81 3421-7701
[email protected]

Alliance Technologies

Alliance is a company that adds value to the implementation of the design and operation of systems, offering services with excellence in multidisciplinary systems that incorporate various technologies.
We meet the high standard of requirements of Radio and TV stations, Content Producers, Finalizers and telecommunications companies. We engage in partnerships with our clients by providing knowledge, experience and efficiency, adding trust and value to the project. We deliver excellence in documentation, high-standard solutions with high-quality support, integration of complete systems and peace of mind for our clients.
Alliance is a Riedel distributor ( and a reseller for Ross (, Quantum ( and CoralBay (
Count on Alliance with an extensive Engineering team!
+55 12 3631-1217


ARRI software 4.0 SkyPanel
Camera ARRI modelo Alexa LF
Microfone XS1, MKE Essential, HSP Essential e microfones sem fio G4. Handmic Digital
Mixer/gravador Sound Devices MixPre-10T
Refletor LED Gemini Litepanels
Skypanel S360-C
Tripé Flowtech Sachtler

Contact:  21 2240-3399 | [email protected] |


Contact: 48 3343-4821 | Cristiane Celente – [email protected]


ATEME is the emerging leader in the new era of video compression solutions for broadcasters. With a firm foundation in video algorithm research and standardisation body’s, ATEME is known for having advanced implementations of video compression technology across AV1, HEVC, H264, MPEG-2, delivering world-class performance and video quality for both linear channels and file delivery. This technology leadership has led ATEME to be the first company with a 10-bit 4:2:2 solution and the first production ready HEVC & HDR deployment.
ATEME is a technology company and a leader in delivering software solutions for both the traditional and streaming Broadcast industry. With this software broadcast leadership, ATEME is guiding broadcasters and service providers transition to public/private broadcast cloud and datacenter delivery.
ATEME headquarters are Vélizy-Paris with worldwide support and R&D centers in Rennes, Denver, Sao-Paulo and Singapore and with local sales and support offices in 14 countries.
Jose Bruno Targino (Sales Director) – [email protected]
(11) 97402 0167


Avicom Engineering sales representation, project development and technical support company in the fields of TV Broadcast, Avionics and Defense. We represent some of the leading companies in the field, such as : Grass Valley, Mediakind, Bridgetech, Avateq, TSL, Broadpeak, Newness Broadcast,IO Industries and Viacast.
For this year’s trade show, we will showcase the Mediakind solutions for 4K/HD and OTT video compression; we will also bring the GrassValley Masterpice IP/SDI/4K master control desk; Bridgetech IP/OTT/RF signal monitoring solutions; advanced RF parameter analyzers using Avateq and IO Industries HD/4K video cameras and recorders without compression.
(12) 3322-2918
[email protected]

AWS Elemental

Media solutions from Amazon Web Services make it easy to build reliable, broadcast-quality video workflows in the cloud.
These services allow you to create professional-quality media experiences for your viewers.
Aws media services are a family of fully-managed services that make it easy to build reliable, broadcast-quality video workflows in the cloud.
[email protected]


BELDEN has a history going back 100 years. In Brazil, FOCCUS DIGITAL is the exclusive representative and distributor for its range of Cables and Connectors. Our clients buy from Belden because of the performance, quality and reliability of our products and solutions. Major networks and different users opt to work with BELDEN because our greatest priority is to win their loyalty by creating value and fulfilling our promises. the extent of our Portfolio means that we can offer the end-to-end solutions in all segments and markets.

Biquad Broadcast

With an extensive overview of the Professional Audio and Broadcasting market, Biquad Broadcast innovates and surprises. Headquartered in Brazil since 2000, it has become the benchmark in developing HIGH-TECHNOLOGY, HIGH-QUALITY and HIGHLY DURABLE equipment , creating a solid link of representatives and clients around the world. Providing complete solutions, it creates technical projects, develops and commercializes digital audio processors, RDS encoders, telephone hybrids, signal distributors, radio receivers, microphone supports, studio furniture, FM Transmitters and many other products and services. Biquad Intelligent Solutions for Broadcast.
+55 35 3471-6399
[email protected]


Bitmovin is a leading provider of video infrastructure for online media companies and enterprises globally. Bitmovin technology innovations focus on video encoding, playback, and analytics around user experiences. Innovations include the co-authoring of the MPEG-DASH streaming protocol, and massively parallel cloud-native encoding. For more information, please visit
Tom McCarthy | [email protected]

Boya Audio Equipment

BOYA is leading audio supplier started in 2007. We specialize all kinds audio solutions such as: Wired Audio Devices, Wireless System, Portable Audio and Mobile Audiosystem for different level customers.
Saramonic manufactures a wide range of audio devices, including wired and wireless microphones, audio mixers and handy recorders.
[email protected]


Brasvideo is a 100% Brazilian company, consisting of professionals renowned in the market, and it is recognized for its competence and professionalism.
Brasvideo, must more than simple representing the best brands in Brazil, sees to it that all the equipment it sells functions properly and continuously at your broadcasting station. Planning, consultancy, projects, sales, facilities, technical support.
Everything resolved quickly and intelligently by those with an in-depth knowledge of the broadcast business.
– Appear TV announces the new DVB-S/S2X ultra efficient decoder.
– AutoScript introduces an application for iPad with WinPlus-IP
– Etere introduces AD Insertion software for managing the monetization of video in your media assets
– Vizrt showcases highlights in graphic products for raising the standard of production beyond what the competition is doing.
– AP ENPS – work more efficiently with the unique news production system for your entire organization.
+ 55 11 3158-5093
[email protected]


Contact: 21 3420-7744 | Billy Neves –  [email protected] 


Contact +55 11 96600-5775 |


Campvideo is a company specializing in project development and sales of broadcast equipment in Brazil. It represents a list of globally respected brands, exclusively and with integrated services, to resolve each client’s needs. It is renowned for excellent customer service, affording differentiated attention to focusing on the solution presented, thereby offering a full and personalized service, from design consulting, sales, installation of the equipment and after-sales service, with a trained team of professionals.
Campvideo is among the leading specialized companies in the market and provides the end-consumer with the best value for money, beating the competition in terms of warranty, support, technical assistance and a totally personalized service.
19 3287-5186 / 19 98116-0122
[email protected]


Rollout of the range of Cinema Cameras and Lenses, Broadcast lenses and professional video cameras, by making available products that can be tested there and then, enabling the images being recorded to be shown. It will also be possible to check out the launches in the professional video and cinema lenses range.
(11) 4950-5490
[email protected]


Ceragon in partnership with Foccus Digital offers a variety of comprehensive professional services to provide you with more efficient network solutions during the entire lifecycle of your project. Whether you are planning to expand / upgrade the network, configure a new network or manage an existing one, our specialists in Professional Services will enable you to achieve your goals within your budget, assuring your clients of the best experience.

Charme SAT

Charme Sat is a company with almost 30 years in the market, providing preventive and corrective maintenance, design and execution of infrastructures, assembly and disassembly of VSAT antennas, in addition to exclusive and specialized packaging and transformation.
We operate throughout Brazil in partnerships with technicians and engineers.
We refurbish VSAT antennas, leaving them as good as new, and we also have a large inventory of antennas for sale.
We have a team of technicians, assemblers and assistants trained to provide Telecommunications services.
Our employees are registered, and we abide strictly by labor legislation. The Charme Sat team holds PPRA, PCMSO, NR 10, NR 35, and LTCAT certificates, which are always up to date.
We always work using the proper IPE, uniforms and badges. From a legal standpoint, we execute and comply with confidentiality agreements.
This means we have structures in place to meet the legal and labor law requirements of major clients.
Sales of satellite antennas from 1.2 meters to 6.10 meters in diameter manufactured by Brasilsat, Avibras, Andrew, Prodelin and EmbraSat, and Vertex in C-band operations and KU, all serviced and recovered as good as new, for application in any line of services.
[email protected] / [email protected]
(19) 3238-8933

Cross Host

Cross Host is a technology company specializing in streaming for 14 years.
There are several personalized streaming solutions for radio stations, TV channels and events, expanding the reach of content through live transmissions.
Brazil’s major radio stations now use the Cross Host solutions, as well as major companies at congresses, trade shows and on-line training sessions.
(11) 4332-6142
[email protected]


Dalet solutions are based on three distinct platforms (Dalet Galaxy MAM/ Dalet Brio Video server/ Dalet Amberfin transcoder). When combined, they create versatile business solutions with end-to-end work flows for news, production, archives, sports and preparation of programs and radio. The Dalet platforms offer specific applications with key resources for dealing with the critical functions of media flows like Ingest, QC, Edition, Transcoding, Playout and Multiplatform Distribution.
The base for the solutions is the Dalet Galaxy platform, and MAM and enterprise level Newsroom that enhances workflow productivity and unites the content production chain by managing resources, metadata, workflows and production and distribution processes.
Contato: (16) 3627 8284
[email protected]


Headquartered in Taipei, Datavideo designs and manufactures an extensive range of innovative technologies for use in transmission, AV, live events and production environments. Datavideo manufactures video switchers, virtual studio equipment, audio mixers, recorders, pan-zoom-tilt (PTZ) cameras, converters, camera control interfaces, intercommunication and tally systems, test and measuring equipment, network streaming products, character and interface generators, LCD monitors, energy distribution equipment and much more.
Founded 30 years ago and headquartered in Taiwan, Datavideo has expanded globally, with subsidiaries in the United States, Britain, Canada, Holland, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France and China. With regional offices in North America, Europe, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, and a global network of distributors, Datavideo provides total support to resellers, end-users and integrators.
Datavideo brings the characteristics of leading-edge product to clients looking for low-cost solutions, quality transmission performance and reliability, the leader in its. In a rapidly changing market, with ever-increasing demands, innovative solutions – developed in-house – allow users to invest in leading-edge technology at accessible prices.
Datavideo Technologies is a manufacturer with quality certified to ISO-9001. Datavideo abides by the highest international standards in design, production and quality control, with research and development and an experienced in-house engineering team that produces proprietary state-of-the-art technology.
More recently, Datavideo has not only been developing products for the broadcast market, but also works in the field of professional A/V, with integrations in conference rooms, theaters, schools and stadiums.
Datavideo Technologies Co. Ltd. Was awarded ISO-9001 quality certification for its manufacturing facilities in Taipei, Taiwan. Datavideo, manufacturer of video editing equipment and multimedia production equipment, is represented in the USA by its subsidiary, Datavideo Corporation.
Based on rigorous quality criteria established in 1985 by the International Standards Organization, ISO-9001 certification od internationally recognized as a benchmark on quality management and warranty.
+ 55 11 95557-8200
[email protected]

DB Digital Broadcast

DB is a corporate group working in broadcasting and scientific applications. The leading company in the group is DB Elettronica Telecomunicazioni S.p.A, founded in Italy in 1975. With more than 40 years of experience and a coherent strategy, DB Elettronica nowadays is a world leader in solid state technologies for analog and digital FM Radio and Television, analog and digital microwave links, remote control and management systems, antennas and accessories.
DB Group offers world-class solutions in turnkey systems, from Studio to Antennas and RF power amplifiers where investments in design, new technologies, and customized solutions are a critical factor to success.
Eng. Guglielmo Feliziani – [email protected]
+39 049 8700588


DVPRO television engineering is the representative in Brazil for the high-speed cameras of Vision Research – Phantom, Blackmagic Design and the entire range of equipment, Atomos HDR monitors, Decimator converters and multi-viewers, Softron play and replay broadcast software solutions, the SLOMO VAR systems certified by FIFA and the management, storage and MAM systems of Tiger Technology.
DVPRO is also building, in partnership with Vimeo/Livestream and VMIX, disruptive and connected video switchers that are changing the way in which content is produced and interpreted for social media and new live TV.
In addition, DVPRO is the exclusive sales representative for the Brazilian brand NEOiD. NEOiD has an extensive range of producers that truly reflect Brazilian broadcasting.
Monitor of different sizes and functions, video converters and distributors, SDI and HDMI capture boards with USB, PCIe and M.2 interface, as well as fixed and micro PTZ cameras with broadcasting standard.
Visit the DVPRO stand and get to know the Brazilian broadcast brand.
Find out more on our social media:
+55 31 32843521


EiTV arose with Brazilian Digital TV in 2005 and even today exhales a startup climate. EiTV is recognized as one of the Brazilian companies that most innovates in solutions for the broadcast market, focusing on Digital TV, Streaming and TV Online, having won six times the FINEP Award for Innovation. Over the years, the company has made a name for itself with innumerous projects developed exclusively for TV channels. Its broadcast product range includes audio and video encoding and closed caption equipment and audit solutions. The 2019 SET is the stage for rolling out the EiTV CONNECTED MEDIA SOLUTION to meet the demands of the TV of the future.
+55 19 3579 0744
[email protected]


Embratel Star One is the largest regional satellite operator in Brazil and Latin America, with the largest fleet (Star One D1, C1, C2, C3 and C4 satellites). Control, management and monitoring of this fleet is run out of the Guaratiba Teleport (RJ), the most modern control center in Brazil and the first in the world to received ISO 9001/2000 quality certification. A Embratel Star One offers data transmission, telephony, TV, radio and Internet for Brazilian and Latin American companies. Embratel Star One’s offers supplement the extensive portfolio of Embratel, which operates as a digital solutions integrator and is one of the innovative and respected companies in Brazil.
21 2121 9347 ou 21 99392 4169
[email protected]



Antennas, Transmitters and Towers, Cable Equipment and Headend, DAB/IBOC/HD Digital Radio, Distribution and Delivery, Mobile TV/Video Management Platforms/Applications, Test and Measurement Equipment/QoS

Contact:  +33 (1) 70725170 |


ERI Antennas offers a complete range of products and services to meet your requirements for television transmission systems, from television filters and combiners, to UHF and VHF antenna systems, Electronics Research, Inc. can meet your requisites with a solution designed to be successful. ERI, a global manufacturer of antennas, meets the requirements of broadcasting companies around the world and throughout Brazil. The ERI Field Test Center and Anechoic Chamber are globally recognized for their excellence and capability of optimizing even the most demanding irradiation diagrams.


Eurobras, in its 30th participation as an exhibitor at SET EXPO, will be launching, besides the well-known ARRI range of LED (Skypanels and L-Series), the new camera launched at this year’s NAB: ARRI MINI LF, with native 4K. The SIGNATURE PRIMES lenses range accompanies the new camera and can also be views on the Eurobras stand. The TUBE LEDS of German manufacturer ASTERA will also be a highlight this year, not to mention the microphones and earphones of the German brands SENNHEISER/NEUMANN, a striking presence on the Eurobras stand since the first SET EXPO. |
21 2240-3399
[email protected]


Eutelsat Communications in one of the world’s largest satellite communication operators. With a global fleet of satellites associated with a ground-based infrastructure, Eutelsat enables government clients and the video, data and fixed and mobile broadband markets to communicate effectively with their consumers, irrespective of their location. More than 7,000 television channels operated by the largest media groups are transmitted by Eutelsat to a million viewers equipped to receive DTH or connected to ground-based networks. Headquartered in Paris, with offices and telecommunications hubs around the world, Eutelsat has a workforce consisting of over 1,000 people in 46 countries who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service.
+ 55 21 2524-0894
[email protected]


Ficael showcases at the 2019 SET the FULL OUTDOOR CERAGON range of radios, with several coupling options for End-to-End and Multi-Point Ponto a Ponto e Multi-Ponto Links with high capacity up to 2.4 Giga, RFS HIGH Performance Microwave Antennas, Special Connectorization tools, Multiple Attachment Systems for cables, the BETACAVI DIGITAL range – from Italy, as well as Assembly Tools.
Compare in the video the differences in quality between Digital and Analog cables
To illuminate the 2019/2020 novelties, several models of Fiber Optics for users and distribution, the Self-Sustainable version distance launches and the SUPERFLEX version!
Come visit us and enjoy the RADIAFLEX 5G Technology!
11 3201-2000
[email protected]

Floripa Tecnologia

We will present at SET EXPO tractical and accessible solutions in centralized and remote control with automation for tv channels.
We deevlop new products with the focus in operational optimization, rendering viable previously financially unviable tv operations, which can now add new revenues.
Signa desk and spotware display in a single product, reseller for BLACKMAGIC, AJA, MATROX, PANASONIC, JVC, COBALT, PTZOPTICS, PLURA, EDITSHARE, BIRDDOG.
Brands presented:
Floripa technology oen products: Signa Desk, Spotware, Shiftware And Autoware.
+55 48 2108.9000
[email protected]


Flowics is a public participation platform for broadcasters, content creators and streamers who attract, retain and monetize viewers in every digital environment.
The Flowics SaaS platform allows clients to add a layer of interactivity to live content, easily creating multiplatform experiences for social media, transmission, streaming, websites, applications or venues.
It is trusted by over 35 TV networks in Latin America, Spain and the USA, like FOX Sports, ESPN, Turner, Viacom, Globosat, Record, SBT, Band, and Riot Games. The Flowics SaaS platform fills the gap between digital and transmission teams, with a unified panel for managing and measuring the entire audience participation while stimulating monetization initiatives.

Foccus Digital

FOCCUS DIGITAL has, since 2005 , been operating in the Brazilian Broadcasting market and throughout this period it has consolidated its position as a Processes and Platforms Integrator, from capture to distribution of your content for the Broadcast segment and IP Platforms. It has structured itself and acquired capabilities in Digital Transmission Systems for TV and Radio. Its professional workforce includes engineers highly specialized in sales, pre-sales, after-sales and at its services center.
FOCCUS DIGITAL runs its own Engineering Services Center providing Customer Service, such as: Maintenance, Commissioning, Remote or On-Site Technical Assistance for the following Brands: Belden, Ceragon, Haivision, GatesAir, Grass Valley and Soliton, with total efficiency in time and quality. A Technical Support warranty that only FOCCUS DIGITAL and its Partners can offer.
Over the years, FOCCUS DIGITAL has consolidated its position in the domestic and international markets by offering reliability, excellence and respectability. A Portfolio combining the best global brands like: BELDEN, CANON, CERAGON, COAX, ERI, GATES AIR, GRASS VALLEY, HAIVISION, PALMA and SOLITON.
55 11 4153-7330 | 55 11 4153-3954
[email protected]


Fraunhofer IIS is home to the organization’s Audio and Media Technologies division that has been working in audio and image coding and signal processing for more than 25 years. Fraunhofer IIS is the main inventor of mp3 and universally credited with the co-development of AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). Audio technologies for the media world of tomorrow include the next generation audio system MPEG-H for immersive, interactive sound for UHDTV and streaming applications. Throughout more than two decades, Fraunhofer IIS has licensed its audio codec software to more than 1,000 companies. Fraunhofer estimates that it has enabled more than ten billion commercial products worldwide using its mp3, AAC and other media technologies.
[email protected]
+49 9131 776 6175

BUSINESS SUITE SALA 01 – Rua A – Pavilhão Vermelho – 10h às 20h | BUSINESS SUITE – ROOM 01 – Hall A – RED PAVILION- 10 a.m – 8 p.m

Fujian Satlink

Fujian Satlink Electronics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of development, production, sales of digital video equipment and radio communications equipment. It has its own R&D Center and production workshop. The main products are high-definition satellite signal tester( Digital Satellite Finder) and digital broadcast output and input equipment(Modulator) .The Digital Satellite Finder and high-definition codec contain all formats and varieties of products.
Our products are mainly used in families, hotels, public securities, schools and so on, which has been exported to Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, South America, North America and other countries and regions.
The company always attaches great importance to the quality of products, and constantly introduces advanced management concept and management methods to enhance the managing, established with the quality policy “customer first, ensuring quality, full participation “.
The company will continuously improve the research and development, production management, quality control and after-sales service system, adhere to the good quality of products and services to meet the growing needs of customers and society and realize the social value of the company.
Nancy – [email protected] / [email protected]


The Optics Division of Fujifilm specializes in optical solutions for the Broadcast Market, Security and Cinema, with lenses for all needs with the leading optical performance in the market.
Fujifilm do Brasil will present, for the first time, the Premista range of Cinema lenses dedicated to the cinematographic full frame format, specifically the Premista 28-100 T/2.9 lens.
+55 (11) 5091-4022 | +55 (11) 94240-6073
[email protected]


GatesAir, for 97 years the world leader in over-the-air analog and digital transmission. GatesAir equips Radio / TV stations and networks worldwide with more efficient, more economical and high-performance transmitters, and continues to innovate in new design efficiencies with each generation of products, reducing size and energy use, equipped to deliver and establish the lowest total cost in broadcasting transmissions. In Brazil. FOCCUS DIGITAL represents and distributes its range of equipment, in addition to running its own Services Center to attend to the entire GatesAir range.

Giec Digital

GIEC, a leading electronic enterprise in China, was founded in 1999. Its own industrial park located in Shenzhen covering 150,000 square feet, with about 1,500 employees.
It is running strictly under regulations of ISO 9001 &ISO 14001 standards and in compliance with CE, ROHS, FCC&CCC, ETC standards.
86 518117 86755-83478927
[email protected]


Founded in 1993, Godox Photo Equipment Co. Ltd is a comprehensive photography & video enterprise integrated with product R&D, Design, Manufacture and Sales.
We have over 1000 highly qualified staffs and the 4 manufacturing facilities, total 30000 square meters factories.
Godox offer a full line of Photography & Video Equipment, including Led Light, Studio Flash, Outdoor Flash, Camera Flash, Studio Accessories etc.
86 518103 86-755-25701197
[email protected]


Gospell Digital Technology Co., Ltd is a private hi-tech enterprise with R&D, manufacturing? Business consultancy and planning? Trade? Delivery?
Project implementation and after sales service? Acting as a complete DTV and triple-play solution provider for digital TV/OTT related projects.
Satellite Antennas, Lnbs, Head End Equipments And System, Encoders & Decoders, Modulators & Demodulators, Set Top Boxes.
86 518102 8675526716112
[email protected]

Grass Valley

Grass Valley is present in the leading issuers and creators of content worldwide. Grass Valley Studio Production solutions create efficiencies and cost savings in work flows for capturing, processing and distributing content. Integrations with scripts and non-scripted items for all platforms. In Brazil, Foccus Digital represents and distributes its equipment, while also providing its clients with its own Services Center to ensure it provides services that are differentiated and reliable, whether remotely or live.
Business suite #02


Gudsen is an innovative imaging solutions provider specializing in creating high-tech camera stabilizers & accessories and offering effective stabilization solutions for the videography industry.
Products/Services: “Invented for video”, we are currently investing in cutting-edge technologies to make video-shooting more creative, affordable & reliable.
+86 18126140272
LUCY HE – [email protected]


Haivision is a pioneer in high-performance streaming solutions. Haivision has never ceased to innovate and to present new products in the fields of live coding / decoding of hardware and software, transmission and management of video flows. Haivision offer high quality, low latency and reliability throughout the entire lifecycle of IP video – from the contribution of the video, through the recording and management of media assets, until publication and distribution of the video content to your audience, regardless of location and device.

HBC Telecom

Contact: +55 11-3262-3039 | [email protected] |


Contact+55 21 2555-4800 | [email protected]


Founded in 1977, Hitachi Kokusai Linear Equipamentos Electronics became an important provider of broadcasting equipment in Brazil and South America, having deployed over 40,000 equipment in more than 40 countries, in 40 years.
Investment in R&D put the company in a unique and privileged position. We have a team of experts comprised of researchers, engineers, and after sales support team, engaged to develop, manufacture, install and provide after sales services for products and systems for transmission, retransmission, encoding, multiplexing and distribution with microwave link.
Since 2011, Hitachi Kokusai Linear is an important base of Hitachi Kokusai Electric from Japan.
35 3473-3473


Contact:  11 3667-2527 |  João Simão –  [email protected] |

Ideal Antenas

Founded in 1988, IDEAL INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO DE ANTENAS is a benchmark company in Brazil and Latin America dedicated to creating and commercializing specialized products for transmission and reception of Radio Frequency signals. The company has a large portfolio totally dedicated to attending to large, mid-size and small radio and television stations, internet providers and mobile telephony companies with professional high-technology antennas full adapted to each client’s requirements.
[email protected]
+55 35 3449 9688


IF Telecom, founded in 2009 in Valinhos, São Paulo, has highly qualified professionals with experience in the manufacture of Digital TV and FM antennas, Accessories, Pan Tilt, Coaxial Keys, Panels, and Power Loads, as well as adapters and components for Broadcast, with most complete portfolio in the market. Sole representative for Dielectric LLC in Brazil since 2013, it also has a Testing field and teams that test and evaluate systems, in addition to installers and technical personnel specializing in irradiant system maintenance. Serving the Domestic and International Markets, its differential lies in the quality and reliability of its products, starting with the raw material, and ending with its projects and products 100% factory-tested.
(19) 3869-5635 / (19) 99853 7007
[email protected] / [email protected]


Intelsat S.A. (NYSE: I) operates the world’s first Globalized Network, delivering high-quality, cost-effective video and broadband services anywhere in the world. Intelsat’s Globalized Network combines the world’s largest satellite backbone with terrestrial infrastructure, managed services and an open, interoperable architecture to enable customers to drive revenue and reach through a new generation of network services. Thousands of organizations serving billions of people worldwide rely on Intelsat to provide ubiquitous broadband connectivity, multi-format video broadcasting, secure satellite communications and seamless mobility services. The end result is an entirely new world, one that allows us to envision the impossible, connect without boundaries and transform the ways in which we live. For more information, visit
+55 21 2213 8900
[email protected]

Internet SAT

Contact: +55 11 4063-8870 | [email protected] |

JMV Technology

JMV Technology – the most all-round streaming company in Latin America
JMV Technology is a multinational with more than ten brands of the technology industry.
Its main focus is success and generating income for its clients.
It is currently one of the largest streaming companies in Latin America, with over 6,000 clients transmitting to millions of users on 5 continents.
It offers intelligent solutions and monetization tools for radio and TV stations to generate income from their internet audiences.
0800 4225


Superior quality and innovative technology have made Lawo what it is today: a leading international provider of digital audio mixing desks, IP routing systems, video solutions and ready-to-use systems for the professional television industry. As reliable partners of TV and radio stations, production companies, theaters and organizers of events, the hallmark of our work is high guidance for the client. Because this is the only way in which we can create the future-oriented solutions you expect from us. And to present products that are not only technically convincing, but which also fascinate users around the world.


Contact: +55 19 3579-8780 | [email protected]


Leyard Optoelectronic Co. Ltd. was founded in 1995, with headquarters in Beijing, China, and shares traded on the Shenzhen stock exchange. With decades of experience, all panels are manufactured by Leyard using all its expertise in technology, design and processing of LED panels. The brand is showcasing to its clients the technological options available, as well as more recent and better produced offerings – worldwide, anywhere.
World leader in LED fine pitch panels and pioneer in offering a visual experience. Our objective is to undertake unforgettable digital signage projects that differentiate environments, and using the technology we develop we afford our clients unique experiences, realizing and transforming to information, advertising, films, shows, presentations, and games, in other words, making experiences come true.
Our products can be applied in broadcasting, sporting arenas, stadiums, billboards, retail digital signposting, control rooms, exhibitions, large-scale events, digital cultural experiences, and special projects, among others.
Own operation in Brazil: Leyard, with its headquarters in Pinhais/PR and an office in São Paulo/SP, in addition to a technical assistance network throughout Brazil. |
41 3059-5100 ou (11) 4007-2363

Line Up

LineUp is an engineering company with 28 years in the broadcast market, focusing on systems integration, Projects and installation. It is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of audio and video solutions of the Brazilian Digital Media market. It is showcasing its portfolio of projects for TV channels, Producers, Universities, Mobile Units, Sporting Events and Telcos.
For the 2019 SET Expo, LineUp will have a 72m² booth and will show off complete updated solutions for the new demands of the market, using its space as an opportunity to interact with some of its partners: FOR-A, JVC, Aveco, AEQ, IHSE, IBM Aspera, MOG and Tedial.
(11) 3065-1177
[email protected]


#149 Mobile Unit
LIVEWEST was born with the objective of providing specialized audiovisual services with or without professionals, leasing specific equipment to television stations.
AVIWEST is a French high-technology company that offers the world’s most advanced portable video uplink systems for live transmission using 3G/4G/5G mobile phones connected via Simcard, adding WIFI, Ethernet Network, BGAN and Internet systems via SA.
AVIWEST DMNG (Digital Mobile News Gathering) has been adopted by prime TV stations in over 80 countries to cover breaking news and live events.
AVIWEST has created a partnership with LIVEWEST for the exclusive distribution and lease in Brazil, thereby expanding its distribution network in over 160 countries.
Our technical support is available 24/7; AVIWEST together with LIVEWEST are at your service, providing the best solution wherever you may be.
[email protected] / [email protected]


Fábio Tsuzuki – [email protected]
Murilo Santos-[email protected]
(11) 3063-4411


MEDIAGENIX enables broadcasters, telcos, content providers and other media companies to get the most out of their content across linear and VOD channels and services. Their Broadcast Management System WHATS’ON provides an integrated end-to-end solution for managing strategic planning, scheduling, promotions, media management, workflows, rights management, and analytics. WHATS’ON not only allows media companies to easily set up Linear and VOD channels, and schedule content in line with strategic, editorial, budgetary, operational and regulatory requirements, it also provides them with the backbone system they need to streamline workflows and optimise core processes in the content-centric manner this era requires.
[email protected]
+1 (954) 361-7028 | +1 (954) 682-5562 | +55 (21) 99515-5094
Business Suite #04 (Rua A)


MIRAKULO is leader in supplying Ginga middleware for the ISDB-T market and in the development of software solutions for this segment, offering products that facilitate the creation of business models for Broadcast + Broadband, VoD and IPTV.
Our flagship product, AstroTV, is present in over 25 million TVs and digital converters of the leading manufacturers. As a services provider, MIRAKULO develops applications for connected TVs and streaming in browser and native environments, sells production and post-production software of partners, designed for studios, producers and broadcasters, licenses products intended for the international market, such as Tactics.VR, a tool for tactical analysis of sports using the augmented reality system.
(21) 3525-1600
[email protected]


Ncam offers a complete and customisable augmented reality platform that enables photorealistic virtual elements in real-time. At its core is a unique camera tracking solution that offers film & TV productions virtual and augmented graphic technology without limits. The device allows the camera to move freely in all locations while generating a continuous stream of extremely precise positional and rotational information that can feed all industry standard graphics engines via Ncam’s powerful and flexible SDK.
Ncam’s multi-award-winning patented technology integrates seamlessly to any production, capable of adapting to a wide range of applications from indoor and outdoor use to mounted or even hand-held camera configurations. Through versatile real-time application and pre-visualisation of graphics, Ncam creates technological efficiencies that streamline the on-set production process, saving notable post-production time and incremental costs.
[email protected]
+55 21 99797-0019


Since it was founded in Miami/FL/USA in 1977, NEMAL serves thousands of clients worldwide, especially the largest US and Brazilian television networks, as well as in other countries. NEMAL offers a huge variety of in-house manufactured products with the “NEMAL” brand, as well as other well-known brand names on the the international scenario, such as NEUTRIK, LEMO, SWITCHCRAFT, ALLEN AVIONICS, KINGS, AMPHENOL, OCC, etc., intended for a wide variety of industries: TV/radio, industrial control and telecommunications. In Brazil, the NEMAL team has extensive experience and knowledge, and is available to advise you on projects, facilities, maintenance and repair services for infrastructure and fiber optics, in addition to providing materials for broadcast and professional audio and video solutions.
(11)3797-6808/ (11)2305-8219/ (11)9-9166-5304
[email protected]

New Company Technology

11 98292-0100
[email protected]

New Glee

Shenzhen Newglee Technology Co., Ltd is one of the best set top box vendors with hundred engineers specializing for R&D, testing and global technical support.
We have developed business in Europe, Asia pacific, as well as China domestic market with full series product of DVB-S/T/C &IPTV/OTT STBS.
DVB-S/S2; DVB-T/T2; DVB-C; Android IPTV box.
86 518057 0086 755 21679300
[email protected]


Newtec is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications. As a pioneer in the industry, Newtec is dedicated to creating new possibilities for the broadcast, consumer and enterprise VSAT, government and defense, cellular backhaul and trunking and mobility, offshore and maritime markets. Our products and technologies can be applied in a wide range of single and multiservice applications from DTH broadcasting, video contribution and distribution and disaster recovery and backbones for cellular backhauling, to small and medium enterprises, SCADA and oil and gas networks, aircrafts and vessels.
 +55 11 2092 6220
[email protected]


The Omnistream (multi-link) software leverages the power of smartphones, allowing media producers and organizations to transmit high-quality video and audio live and in real time.
Our software enables live transmissions from anywhere with cellphone coverage.
Our cloud software transmits by interconnecting cellular channels of smartphones, eliminating the need for bespoke equipment.
Juliano Milanez –  [email protected]
011 97100-8082
Hagay Avraham – [email protected]
+972 54 8082 967

Opic Telecom

For 24 years we have focused on solutions for radio and television stations, serving the whole of Brazil and Latin America.
We are specialized in developing projects and integration into broadcast equipment, and we operate in the field of technical consulting on transmission and operations at Radio and TV stations.
Our service ranges from the layout of the broadcaster (infrastructure) to go-live (acoustic treatment, design, technical furniture, lighting, scenarios, installation of equipment, and transmitting stations, among others).
Opic Telecom is always innovating in projects and seeking the highest technology on the market, representing the best brands of Broadcasting equipment.
(16) 3627 8284
[email protected]

Phase Engenharia

Phase provides solutions in equipment and systems for Broadcast, PAY TV, Broadband, Telecommunications, Distance Learning, Public and Military Security, as well as engineering services that include systems integration, facilities, testing, training and maintenance. For this edition of SET Expo, we will showcase the Multichannel ISDB-T transmitter by Anywave, content quality control software and audio and video on file, transport stream and basic band by Interra, as well as advances in SDVN infrastructure for media over IP.
(21) 2493-0125 | (11) 3589-0125

Planeta do Rádio

PLANETA DO RADIO With over 10 years’ experience in the radio station market.
Sales and advisory on acquisition of equipment.
We have an extensive range of products, with our own laboratory for technical assistance services equipment repairs.
A team of professional consultants with extensive experience in the broadcasting market, ready to serve you with economical, innovative and reliable solutions.
Advisory and Consultancy in Broadcasting
Technical advisory
Drafting and monitoring of projects for alterations to technical characteristics and feasibility studies
Test reports
Automation and computerization of radio stations
Installation and maintenance
On our web site you’ll find the most extensive catalog of the radio industry, always up to date so that you are always well-informed.
Our DIFFERENTIAL is our work philosophy focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations when the issue is Radio.
Thank you for choosing Planeta Do Radio


Since 1995, Playlist Software Solutions has been to the fore in the broadcasting scenario as one of the leading companies in software development for radio station automation.
Our mission is to develop software that is reliable, innovative and easy to operate.
Our flagship product is the Playlist Automation Suite, and integrated system that that can be implemented as a Stand-Alone solution or linked into a homogenous workflow, adapting to any type of station. Now, in 2019, we have the Aires Studio, a unique system capable of virtualizing the entire radio studio and transmit programs from anywhere.
We are proud of the high level of satisfaction of our clients and of offering the most advanced products on the market, all of this supported by a team on stand-by 24/7. Our clients’ contentment is the best advertisement – they promote our brand around the world.
Playlist Solutions, your radio on the air from anywhere!
[email protected]
(31) 2136 2929

Pulsar Multimedia

Phone: +55 (11) 3288-8800 / +55 (11) 3285-3915 | [email protected] |


Specializing in Digital Tv Receiver (ISDB-T, DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, ANDROID+DVB-S2/T2 COMBO) and android electronics products, Reako Technology Co. Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of any related products in this field.
86 518000 0086-18575507209
[email protected]

Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz products are made to meet your current business requirements and are ready for your future requirements; the equipment incorporates excellence in engineering and are designed with the client’s performance in mind. With our products, you always obtain the best performance of the category and excellent value for money. Whether you work in a post-production facility, a production studio, a playout center or further down the line in a distribution network, our portfolio meets your needs with TV transmitters – Headend – testing and measuring for broadcast – Distribution of videos over IP – domain systems, media servers and much more. So visit us and find out for yourself.
55 11 2246-0000
[email protected]

Savana Comunicações

Contact: (21) 2512-9888 – José Fonseca |


Screen, a company with 40 years of experience(of which 12 in Brazil) in the television signal transmission industry, is headquartered in Pouso Alegre (MG) and has an R&D laboratory in Brescia (Italy), recently acquired by GatesAir in the transaction to acquire OneTastic. Winners of the Best of Show awards at NAB and IBC in 2015, 2016 and 2017, Screen has innovated once again with the launch of the NeXT range, the range of more efficient, complete, versatile digital transmitters and with the best performance in terms of MER available in today’s market. Thus, Screen has in the last two years taken an even bigger leap forward and has won over clients throughout Brazil, having been leader in sales of transmitters in Brazil in 2018, and having launched the first sharable transmitter in a joint development with Abert and Abratel.
With a highly qualified workforce, local partners throughout Brazil and the shortest delivery deadline in the market, Screen has become the benchmark in the Brazilian broadcast market.
[email protected]
+55 (35) 98406-1557

SDB Multimidia Harmonic

Contact:  (12) 3923-9208 | Andrei Maciel / Sidnei Brito  |


The Video Delivery Platform Leader
SeaChange offers value-based engagement, which provides content and service providers with a complete delivery platform for linear, VOD and TSTV over managed and unmanaged networks.
We provide solutions for on-prem and cloud OVP portals, back-office, media asset management, ads-management, analytics and client for STBs, Smart-TVs and mobile devices. The SeaChange solution is available as a product, SAAS and/or managed service, on-premises, cloud and hybrid.
+55 (11) 99281 7616
Gustavo Dutra / [email protected] /

Seal Broadcast

Specialized in serving the broadcast field and content producers, Seal Broadcast & Content is a systems integrator and provider of media and entertainment solutions, helps its clients achieve their objectives in strategic business with greater quality and agility. It serves specific segments in the digital media content production and distribution market.
11 3877-4017
[email protected]


To mold the future of audio and create exclusive sound experiences for clients – this objective brings together employees and partners of Sennheiser around the world. Founded in 1945, Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of earphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems. With 21 sales subsidiaries and well-established commercial partners, the company operates in over 50 countries, and with its own production facilities in Germany, Ireland, Romania and the USA. since 2013, Sennheiser has been managed by Daniel Sennheiser and by Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, the third generation of the family to manage the company. In 2018, the Sennheiser Group has a turnover of €710.7 million.
(11) 3038-0560
[email protected]


World leader in satellites, SES provides communication solutions and products for TV channels, content and internet providers, fixed and mobile telephony operators; and adds value the services of MX1, global leader as a media services provider.
New products: SES-6, SES-10, SES-14, SES-4, MX1 360 Platform, VoD Everywhere, OU Flex, UHD Platform (4kUHD), Headend in the Sky, Sex Mux KU Brazil.
[email protected] [email protected]
11 4302-2250

ShowCase Pro

ShowCase PRO is synonymous with digital television and accessibility in Brazil and Latin America. Its technologies for implementing the ISDB-Tb standard and accessibility through Closed Caption, Audiodescription and Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) can be found in hundreds of broadcasters and producers. Thousands of hours are transmitted every month with our support.
This intense contact with the market enables us to identify new requirements and to develop innovative solutions for Ingest, Journalism, Display, Audit, Multichannel Monitoring, Accessibility and Implementation of functions for ISDB-Tb. As a result, we have developed the leading products IFN100, JOSIE, XDA13, XQUAD, and Sentinel, ENC encoders and the ground-breaking SPLICER programming digital commutator, the center of attention of the ShowCase PRO at the 2019 SET EXPO.
Activities: ShowCase is synonymous with digital television and accessibility in Brazil and Latin America. Its technologies for implementing ISDB-Tb, Closed Caption, Audiodescription and Libras (Brazilian Sign Language), as well as Encoders, Programming Commutators and audit and Monitoring Systems can be found at hundreds of broadcasters.
New products: The SPLICER programming digital commutator is the highlight of the ShowCase PRO, besides the leading products IFN100, JOSIE, XDA13, XQUAD, Sentinel and ENC encoders.
11 3838-2306 / 11 99885-1749
[email protected]


Sirui is a high and new technology enterprise, an enterprise that guangdong photographic engineering and technology research center formed in as well as a chinese leading manufacturer for mobile phone lens, intelligent heads, photography supporting equipments and other related photography products.
Sirui manufactures professional Tripods, Heads, Intelligent Cabinets, Handheld Stabilizer, Filters and other precise photographic equipments.
86 528458 86-0760-88204538
[email protected]

SM Facilities

SM Facilities delivers complete solutions and services broadcasting and telecommunications, with expertise in television and various projects developed by our clients. With the emphasis on results and quality, and the support of high technology in equipment and software, we provide Turn Key solutions from proof of concept, to infrastructure construction, installation, activation and maintenance of the equipment, and consultancy services and training.
SM Slimcast is an exclusive, low-cost solution for Digital TV coverage and infrastructure sharing in cities of the interior with the quality of SM Facilities.
Sérgio Luís Nogueira Martines – [email protected]
41 4111-0425


Early mover on the software development scenario, SNEWS offers a portfolio of solutions for automation of journalism which can be fully integrated, such as : Journalism systems, Character Generators, Journalism Displays, Ingest Banda Base and Media Managers (MAM).
This year, we are launching the Nux Playout Server, a Linux Playout with a highly configurable system enabling it to easily adapt to the client’s scenario; the glaz.AI, which monitors all world news sites, all trending viral content and activity on the social networks; and we are upgrading ANEWS – Journalism System – to HTML5.
With offices in in Brazil and the USA, SNEWS is pleased to serve clients throughout Brazil and in different parts of the world.
(61) 3044.7878
[email protected]


Soliton, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has Nobuo Kamata, PhD as its CEO and founder. A leading company in technology and a pioneer since 1979. In Brazil and Latin America, FOCCUS DIGITAL is the exclusive representative and distributor of its Products: ZAO and ZAO-S, while also maintaining an Engineering Department that provides support and Technical Assistance. Soliton is constantly seeking solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Soliton Systems continually develops new standards of performance, quality and reliability that ensure the increasing preference of its users.


Solutions for the broadcast market, involving the entire content production chain, including external cameras; studio cameras; PTZ robotized cameras; LCD and OLED monitors; recorders; production switchers; optical storage; LED panels; projectors; workflow solutions in HD, 4K and HDR ; IP infrastructure solutions for live production; educational market solutions; corporate market solutions; cloud solutions for external contribution workflow in journalism and content production.

  (21) 2187-2301 / (11) 2196-9468


Sotec is a company with over 20 years on the market, providing the best solutions in uninterrupted power. We offer high-quality equipment and excellent after-sales service. We have a solid partnership with CM Comandos Lineares, the Brazil’s largest manufacturer of No-Breaks, and with Himoinsa, global manufacturer of generator groups.
+55 31 3219-0000


For over 70 years, SPINNER has being setting standards in rf technology and creating state-of-the-art products in the fields of broadcasting.
Involved in most major projects worldwide, SPINNER is established as one of the the leading suppliers for RF-System.
All passive components required between the transmitter and the antenna, such as filters, combiners, patch panels, loads, switches and rigid lines.
+49 89 12601-0
[email protected]


From revolutionary audio consoles, to innovative audio production systems for broadcast, Solid State Logic (SSL) has evolved to become world’s leading manufacturer of analog and digital sound desks. With thousands of installations around the world, the excellence of our products is universally recognized for their incomparable sound quality, excellent ergonomics, exceptional automation and unparalleled international support. Present in broadcasting for almost 40 years, we will showcase at SET EXPO the System T S500 and S300 consoles with Immersive Audio on our stand and the mobile unit of Epah! Estudios, Dante, AES67 and ST2110-30 interoperability. We will also display the SSL Live L300 and L100 live sound production consoles, as well as the new analog SiX and Fusion. |
+55 11 981 109 800

ST Video-Film

ST Video-Film Technology Ltd. is a supplier for broadcasting and film production equipment.
we provide advanced professional equipment and we are dedicated to all kinds of studios and broadcast studio integration systems.
ST Video looks forward to worldwide sales agents&distributors! Camera Crane/Wireless Transmission System/Liion Camera Battery/Camera Tripod/Hd Monitor and Charger/ Teleprompter/3D Virtual Studio System/Ledscreen.
86 518000 86-755-88824419-833
[email protected]

STI Telecom

Acquisition and Production, Antennas, Transmitters and Towers, Broadband Applications/Infrastructure/Equipment, Business and Technology Consultants, Capture Accessories, Devices and Software, Connected Media, Content Discovery Solutions, Digital Asset Management and Storage, Digital News Solutions, Digital Rights Management/Content Protection, DTV/HDTV, Encoding, Industry Resources, Management and Systems, Microwave/RF Accessories, Mobile TV/Video Management Platforms/Applications, Mobile/Vehicle Production, Motion Capture/Virtual Production, Multicasting, Online Video Platforms, Radio Advertising and Media Sales Solutions, Satellite Services, Set Top Boxes/In Home Equipment, Signal Management and Processing, Social TV Solutions, Streaming/Webcasting, Telecollaboration, Television/Newsroom Automation Systems/Master Control, Video/Content Servers/Video Processing

Contact:  (21) 2210-3232 | [email protected]


Syes do Brasil, a manufacturer of Digital TV and FM Radio transmitters, developing its own technologies, is a global benchmark in technology, quality and robustness.
Compact equipment with the best electricity efficiency on the market and the best value for money, guarantees security and savings for all TV and Radio broadcasters.
24X7 technical support and rapid delivery ensure total customer satisfaction.
Come visit us!!!
Alberto Morello +55 (35) 991.380.931


Founded in 2000 and strategically located in São José dos Campos, one of Brazil’s leading industrial and technology hubs, TECSYS develops, produces and commercializes all-in solutions in the fields of Digital TV, Radio frequencies, on-board and Smart Grid systems.
Recognized for its integrity, competence and excellence in customer service, especially in customized solutions, TECSYS offers technological innovation combined with in-depth knowledge of the market where it operates, developing products and applications that ensure that its clients’ needs are fully met in Brazil and on the international market.
(12) 3797-8804 / (12) 99145-3550
[email protected] / [email protected]


Contact: Fabiana Marschalk | [email protected] | 11 2274 9422 |

(35) 3473-3700
[email protected]
In the broadcasting market since 1996, Teletronix will showcase in 2019 new developments in FM and TV accessories, NEW leading-edge technology FM transmitters offering greater reliability and security. “We have reformulated the engineering of the entire range, identifying the need of Brazilian broadcasters, and we have brought this reality closer by coming up with a much more robust range of incomparable quality”, says Elisângela Carvalho, Sales Manager at Teletronix.
In its TV range, the newcomers are low-cost Doherty Digital TV transmitters from the UBX range, costing 30% less than the previous version. “We have improved the production cost of this solution to respond to broadcasters that did not do the switch-off”, Elisângela explained. The UBX Line has power outputs of between 100W and 250W, were conceived with amplifiers in Doherty topology and BLF888E transistors with efficiency exceeding 30% before the filter and 50% efficiency in the power modules.

Telos Alliance

The Telos Alliance is a global leader in audio, trusted by the biggest names in the media landscape. Telos Alliance’s exclusive focus is to deliver innovative, intuitive solutions that inspire the creation of the most exciting and engaging audio experiences imaginable. No audio challenge is too big; no technology is beyond reach; no solution, large or small, is unobtainable. The Telos Alliance brands include Axia® Audio, Linear Acoustic®, Minnetonka Audio®, Omnia® Audio, Telos Alliance®, Telos Infinity®, Telos® Systems, and 25-Seven® Systems. It also now exclusively offers Jünger Audio solutions. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, with additional offices and dealers around the world, the Telos Alliance supports the diverse needs of audio professionals with best-in-class support 24/7.
+1 (216) 241-7225
[email protected]

TS Shara

With a track record of 29 years, TS Shara is a Brazilian company that manufactures no-breaks and voltage stabilizers. In the low and medium power segment, it is today one of the largest and most productive companies in the Brazilian market for protection and energy equipment, offering a complete product range with more than 200 items for servicing the market. With its plant in São Paulo, the company is presently nationwide through 250 technical assistance units, in addition to resellers and distributors who together account for more than 380 channels, in addition to exporting to more than 15 countries. All products manufactured by TS Shara undergo rigorous quality control and are certified at important research and development centers, such as the TÜV Rheinland laboratory accredited by Inmetro. TS Shara holds important recognitions, including the ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality which it has held for over 10 years.
Carla Ferreira / (11) 2018-6080
[email protected]

Verizon Media

Our Media Platform is the simplest way to prepare, deliver, display, and monetize your content. It’s built for the future of media with a comprehensive video streaming service that meets consumer-demand for speed, reliability, and TV-quality viewing experiences. The platform is built on the world’s largest, most connected delivery network, ensuring high-quality, instant-on viewing of digital content on every device, every time, everywhere. Multilayered content security is built into the platform to keep your origin server and content safe from cyberthreats. Whether you’re a national broadcaster or a local content creator, you’re backed by 24 x 7 live engineering support services in five service centers around the world. Visit us at to learn more.
Javier Garcia – [email protected]
+1 562 396 6901

Victor do Brasil

Victor do Brasil, a company with 38 years of existence, will present at the 2019 set expo its newest launches for the the domestic and international broadcasting market.
Highlights: Closed Caption, Sdi Monitors, DTS Digispots, Digiradio on Air, Eva Automation, Andromeda, Video Distributor, Among Others…
Brands: Closed Caption, Sdi Monitors, Dts Digispots, Digiradio On Air, Eva Automation, Andromeda, Video Distributor, Antares, FS-200, Master Hd And No-Breaks. Closed Caption, SDI Monitors, DTS Digispots, Digiradio on Air, Eva Automation, Andromeda, APC No-Breaks.
11 41618400
[email protected] | [email protected]

Video Systems

Audio Editing, Audio Mixers, Audio Post-Production/Mastering, Audio Processing and Effects, Audio Production/Recording, Business and Technology Consultants, Cable Equipment and Headend, Cameras and Lenses, Capture Accessories, Devices and Software, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Content Discovery Solutions, Digital Asset Management and Storage, Digital News Solutions, Encoding, Format Conversion, Mobile TV/Video Management Platforms/Applications, Mobile/Vehicle Production, Monitors /TV Sets, Motion Graphics, Second-screen Solutions, Social TV Solutions, Television/Newsroom Automation Systems/Master Control, Traffic Scheduling Software/Solutions, Video Display, Video/Content Servers/Video Processing, Workflow Software and Solutions, Workflow Software and Solutions/Systems Integration, Workflow Solutions

Contact: Juliana Tsurumaki – [email protected] |  Kazuyuki Tsurumaki – [email protected] | +55 (11) 3835-9777 |



A Videodata inicia em maio de 1994 suas atividades oferecendo soluções integradas com base na tecnologia de vídeo digital. E rapidamente se torna referência no Brasil e no exterior. Com vários marcos de pioneirismo tecnológico no Brasil. Dentre eles, a implantação de Automação com uso de Servidores de Vídeo, JPEG, MPEG 2/4, HD, Edição Multi-Layers, Primeiro Sistema de MAM & ARCHIVING da América Latina, tecnologia LTO para uso em Broadcast, Recepção e Projeção 3D LIVE EVENT da Copa 2010, Sistemas de MAM controlando a Robótica Optical Disc Archive da Sony. Estar sempre à frente com soluções de tecnologia de alto desempenho para atender as necessidades de seus clientes com o melhor “ROI” possível.”
Desde o primeiro contato, o cliente será atendido por profissionais altamente qualificados e focados nas suas necessidades, estendendo-se com o tratamento de excelência ao pós venda. Videodata – Beyond Tecnology
Av. Santo Amaro, 3651
04555-002 – Brooklin Novo
São Paulo – SP – Brasil

Rosalvo Carvalho – [email protected]


VoiceInteraction Brasil is a global software company providing solutions based on proprietary speech/voice processing technologies for the Broadcast industry.
Based on techniques of Machine Learning, Knowledge Extraction and Deep Neural Networks, we specialize in Automatic Subtitling for live programs and offline transcriptions, as well as in Media Compliance/Discovery Systems using an innovative media monitoring software.
With offices on different continents, we aim to offer precise, effective and profitable solutions on all media platforms for everyone and everywhere, with products that are adapted to the different needs of each broadcaster.
+55 (11) 2847-4713


For over nine decades WISI has been one of the world’s pioneers in television and video technology. As a supplier of technology product systems for reception and distribution networks, mobile communications and high-frequency connections, we have not only learned to maintain our leadership in technological development, but also to continually implement new ideas in quality products.
Convergent means of communication, new multimedia options and broadband services demand new intelligent transportation routes. This is our business. As a supplier and developer of technology for the main areas of communication, we are, therefore, committed to innovation now and in the future.
+351 911 923 977
João Neves | [email protected]


Contact: Giuliano Quiqueto – [email protected] |  11 3704-1377 |


YOUCAST is an integrator and distributor of added value for video and data transmission solutions.
We operate with the following solutions:
Video testing, measuring and monitoring – Representatives of the IneoQuest, TestTree, Dektec, NPAW brands
Terrestrial Transmission Liabilities – irradiation systems (KATHREIN), filters, combiners and rigid lines (SPINNER) and coaxial cables (ANDREW)
Head-Ends – Receivers, encoders, transcoders, modulators
IPTV/OTT platforms – End-to-end solution for IPTV/OTT systems and CATV and hospitality solutions
Data Logger – With integration of audience data
It has an unparalleled team with extensive experience in hundreds of projects, guaranteeing quality, efficiency and solidity.
Raul Ivo Faller – (11) 997732011 – [email protected]


YoungArts is a national benchmark in software products for automation and management of Radio and TV stations. Founded in 2001 in the city of Joinville (SC), it offers its solutions to more than 400 clients throughout Brazil. Today, it is one of the most important software manufacturers in its segment, participating in various Brazilian and international congresses and events.
We invite you to become part of our history. Let our solutions surprise you!
Our products: Videoworks Playout, Videolive Switcher, HD Recorder, WhatsTV, Sysrad Professional and many others.
(47) 3026-2850
Jorge M. L. Fernandes | [email protected]


Shenzhen Zkmagic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. Located at Shenzhen, China, 300 workers include Professional on sells, purchase, art designing, 22 technical engineers. We focused on tv box (Amlogic, Rockchip chip program development) and mini pc (Inter chip program development).
Products/Services: TV BOX and Mini pc include: 1. PCBA Desig 2. Tooling and Housing Design 3.OEM& ODM 4. Mass production
Chen Yuan/ Ivy Chan | [email protected]


Founded in 1994 and with representatives in all states, ROYAL MUSIC is entering the ,usical instrument market as a leading-edge importer, being an early mover in providing musicians and audio professionals access to the world’s best equipment from brands like Gibson, Epiphone, Zoom, Orange, Seizi and Music Man among others. However, this concept would be worthless were it not for the expertise of founder René Moura, a young businessman whose story began with musical instruments when he was still a child, in his father’s studio, the traditional “Estúdios Reunidos”, located in the Gazeta newspaper building in São Paulo. In the 1990s, René noticed the difficulties in importing high-quality instruments into Brazil, complicating things for many artistes and professionals in the area. This spurred him to import the first items. ROYAL established itself in the market with the passage of time, precisely because it understood that in most cases the consumer of musical instruments and the like requires proper comprehensive consultancy on the subject, which was way beyond what conventional service provided. For this reason, ROYAL seeks professionals who actually breathe this universe, even outside the work environment.
(11) 5535.2003
Commercial contacts via site